December 31, 2012

Another "I Told You So!"

This was in my fortune cookie, so it must be true!

Video: Eric Hovind Wrecks Atheists' "Logic"

Really, destroying what passes for logic in the minds of most Internet atheopaths is not difficult at all. In this video, Eric Hovind will not let atheists off the hook in this discussion. They cannot justify their belief systems, show terrible reasoning skills and want people to simply accept their a priori presuppositions. Eric allows none of that.

By the way, note her contradiction: It's OK for Eric to believe the way he does, but it's not OK because his views are somehow "dangerous". He catches her in lies, too.

December 25, 2012

For Christmas — A Victory for American Religious Freedom

Although atheism is on the slide, anti-Christian bigotry is increasing and secularists are increasing their efforts to remove our established freedoms.

There are good people to stand up to them. The American Center for Law and Justice had a victory regarding Nativity scenes on public land, which you can read about here.

December 22, 2012

Christmas Video: Brad Stine

Happy holidays!

Yeah, right. Stores wouldn't be having "Black Friday", people wouldn't be getting festive, decorations would not be put up, no special music if it wasn't for Christmas! The secularists and atheopaths want to take it away from us under the pretense of "someone might be offended". Get real. Drop the politically correct nonsense.

Here's an idea, if you want to be consistent: Never call another holiday by name again. Always say, "Happy holidays", whether people are celebrating Arbor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Independence Day, the Queen's Birthday, Foot Fungus Day or whatever you have.

"Boss, are you being sarcastic?"

Oh, Tommy the Knocker joins in! Say hi to Tommy, class! Heh, you should know better than anyone about my sarcasm, Tommy.

Here, let's watch the comedy video that makes some great points:

December 20, 2012

Possibly a Troll Record!

This is amazing. Truly. A troll came along, wanting to be immortalized. He pretended to be Joe Intellectual, and showed himself both clueless and foolish.

In the initial attack, he simply fired off several questions that he obviously did not wish to have answered. Atheopaths do not do their homework. His questions contained assertions and biases as well as outdated, faulty "science". Also, this is a form of the fallacy of "elephant hurling". From there, he progressed to accusations. He did not answer the question.

Here we have a personal attack and further faulty assertions.

This one is simply precious: More assertions, a lie ("a couple of reasonable questions"), attempts to manipulate emotions, and a massive ego. Why are these people so narcissistic? It's amazing that they are not willing to do some research on any creationist positions, get up to speed on their own fundamentalist evolutionist dogma, or simply be quietly smug instead of acting like children who have been disciplined by the headmaster, and are pouting in the schoolyard.

So, we have a winner for the most ludicrous, self-humiliating troll attack of the year!

ADDENDUM: The troll uses logical fallacies, attempted manipulations and is basically an obstreperous, recalcitrant twit. So this stalker (he admitted to this earlier) is defending him! When this happens, I think that they are just as incapable of logic as the people they are defending.

Thanks to Unnamed Informant
Worse, he is using additional fallacies like appeal to motive, argument from silence, ad hominem, sweeping generalizations asserted as fact, and more. (Amazing how they can pack so much foolishness into such a little bit of text!) He lies about my lying; the evidence is right there, in the guy's own words, Skippy.

Since such behavior is consistent among atheopaths, I believe that it indicates some things: That types like this are more concerned with dogma and control than with reason, and that they are united in hate. They will never gain the respect of intelligent people. Edit: This stalker claims that he does not know where I have documented his dishonesty and irrationality, even though he complained about the posts, before. Here are a couple for you, Poindexter, the first and the second. Funny how they claim that I have nothing to say, and yet do not bother with over a dozen supporting links in some of these things.

I gotta cut this stuff out. Three more examples of these narcissistic bigots and I'm moving on. (By the way, now a section has been set up to libel me. Big deal. Spoiled children do this stuff all the time.)

Another example of bigotry and intolerance. So much for a spirit of scientific inquiry.

This bigoted atheopathic clown car spun in circles, skidded of the embankment and burst into flames.
And they didn't even notice, instead, congratulating themselves with their arrogance.

December 12, 2012


Hat tip: Unnamed informant for the screen shot.

I should not take pleasure in helping atheist trolls humiliate themselves, but I can't help it with this one. Why do people like this think (a) that they have something worthwhile to say, and (b) everyone has to experience their silly remarks? Their egos are both fragile and phenomenally large.

Hey! He hates Dr. Georgia Purdom. (You know, she's the one that Bill Nye is afraid of debating.) Well, this font is called "Georgia". I picked it out just for him.

Here is a confession of him stalking me. And I caught him in some lies as well. And the sending of unwanted mail? That's spam. But he's been told that it won't get through.

I made some annotations, and my comments are in bright blue type (click for larger):
Edit: In my enthusiasm to post this, I forgot to mention that he made an assumption, that I am the Admin in the discussion and did the banning. Prove it.

By the way. He was crying about this post, where I proved myself right, and the Dawkins disciple a liar and a fool. Not a mention of that. Now who's the coward, Poindexter? Oh, and it's not libel when it's the truth, in people's own words.

Not That It Matters...

...but we're done with dates like these for a long, long time.

Edit: Ashamed to admit that I wasn't able to use Firefox for this. Anyway, I had this clock running, took a screen shot at the right second, pasted into Paint, saved as a JPEG, uploaded, posted — all within the remaining 48 seconds so this post would happen on 12-12-2012. Just to see if I could do it. What an unimportant success!

December 11, 2012

Dismantling a Dawkins Disciple

An angry, uninformed atheopath took exception to The Question Evolution Project making sport of an atheist pope who ridicules the beliefs of others. Here is the "meme" that upset him:

Atheists tend to humiliate themselves by making accusations when they don't know what they're talking about.

This is what he said, and the provocative reply (with a bonus troll remark just above his):

Since some of us are not fond of bullies, trolls and obstreperous twits, it was kicked up a notch:

The "previous comment" referenced there was a link to an article with proof that many professional atheists do believe that everything came from nothing.

He did not like the way the game was going, and proceeded to fuss more:

Note the foolish attempt at ridicule by bringing up Jesus in an attempt to force us to a standard that he himself does not believe (typical hypocrisy of atheists), and then calling TQEP "liar". It's amazing how people love their hero but don't know much about what has been said or written. Here is proof in his own words that Richard Dawkins believes that life may have come from outer space:

Well, since some people are too lazy to do their own work (typical of atheopaths like the one that commented), here is something about the universe coming from nothing to make them gag.

First, In the afterward to A Universe from Nothing by Krauss:
Even the last remaining trump card of the theologian, ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?,’ shrivels up before your eyes as you read these pages. If On the Origin of Species was biology’s deadliest blow to super­naturalism, we may come to see A Universe From Nothing as the equivalent from cosmology. The title means exactly what it says. And what it says is ­devastating.
Not good enough? OK. But it does carry the strong implication that Dawkins believes everything came from nothing.

I'll go one better. How about from Dawinks' The Ancestor's Tale, will that help?
The fact that life evolved out of nearly nothing, some 10 billion years after the universe evolved literally out of nothing, is a fact so staggering that I would be mad to attempt words to do it justice.
For those who are not paying attention: "the universe evolved literally out of nothing". Got that?

"Gosh, Cowboy Bob, why are they so committed to protecting stupid comments from Dawkins?"

Probably because they revere him, even though he is a lousy philosopher. They get their material from him and spew it all over the Internet, especially on sites, forums and Pages that Christians have. Even so, I bet he'd stand by what he said, despite his defenders.

I think that Richard Lewontin set forth a kind of manifesto with this statement:
We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism.

It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is an absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.
They are committed to the horrible, self-refuting position of naturalism because they hate God. The original comment in the "meme" stands.

Oh, and that earlier crack about a stalker? This clown comes around and "likes" hateful, ignorant, arbitrary, illogical and downright stupid remarks (like the ones you saw above). EDIT: He got himself banned, finally.

December 8, 2012

Video by The Atheist Antidote: "Atheists and Christmas"

Perhaps they're just angry that they have to wait until April 1 for their own joyless holiday, so they can't get into ours. Perhaps it's just hate in disguise. They pretend to be standing for something when they seek to remove the civil rights of Christians, what a joke. Atheopaths are not fooling anyone. And they really wonder why people can't stand them?

December 6, 2012

Atheists and their Demonizing — What's the Point?

For a long time, I have said that people are stupidified by hate. (Yes, I learned that word from Matt Slick.) They are so wrapped up in their hatred of people that there is little, if anything, that hate-ee can do that is "right" in their eyes.

When it comes to atheism, the stupidification is a spiritual problem. Not only are they suppressing the truth about God (Rom. 1.20), they are unable to understand deeper spiritual matters (1 Cor. 2.14). This feeds itself and other areas of their lives are affected (Rom. 1.21-22), especially the ability to reason. Some refer to this as the "noetic effect of sin".
This helps explain why the garden variety atheopath is unable to understand basic concepts of logic, even after they are explained. These proponents of "reason" are exceedingly irrational.

(Click for larger.) This troll's assertion is helpful how, exactly?

Since they are unable to defend their incoherent worldview, preferring instead to make excuses for why they hate God (who does not exist in their minds except when it is convenient to hate him); they cannot make a logical presentation for atheism. Wouldn't it be nice if they could do it without vitriol and appeals to emotion?

Why else do we see misotheists on pa-TROLL, attacking Christians with irrelevant and irrational nonsense?

(Click for larger.) This troll came on the attack using fallacies and showing his appalling ignorance.
"Neolithic goat herders", indeed. Humiliate yourself much, Horatio? Do some research
instead of relying on pooling of ignorance sites run by misotheists.

It is so tiresome when these people use prejudicial conjecture with their ad hominems.
And I see this atheofascist is admitting to being a part of the Thought Police.

When they encounter a Christian (especially a biblical creationist) that will stand up to them, they decide to attack the person.

(Click for larger.) This helps me grow as a person. Really it does!
Especially the appeal to motive fallacies and the arbitrary assertion.
This is very baffling, actually. What do they hope to accomplish? If someone wants to ridicule and humiliate me, that only makes them look petty and childish. Worse, I have some bad news for you, Sunshine: I have already admitted that I am not perfect. I have sinned before almighty God, I have done bad things in the past, I have done bad things earlier today and will probably foul up tomorrow.

So what?

I have seen people with such "reasoning" abilities make a chain of argument something like this: You are not a good enough Christian to please me. Christianity has failed. The Bible is false. There is no God!

Perhaps another factor that motivates them in their hate and rage to do pointless things is that, deep down, they know we have the rational worldview.

Also, the ridicule that atheopaths heap on Christians does not change the truth. It only shows what they are. No wonder so many are unemployed and spend all their time online — it seems that they are too unstable to be employable.

Addendum: I was given this example of inability to reason that helps prove my point, presumably from Reddit:

Note that the intellectual level of argument is along the lines of "No, it isn't!", and fits with the Insanity Wolf "meme", above. If this kind of thinking is common, I fear for the future of mankind.

December 1, 2012

Video: Atheists with ADD

The old question, "Who made God?" is, I believe, childish and shows lack of thought. Some people disagree with me, and choose to answer it.

It is quite fair to ask a question, and then ask for clarification if you do not understand it. But to ask the same exact question twice in the same conference with the same wording? I believe that many atheopaths (especially the unemployed alcoholics) do not want answers, they prefer to challenge and look for opportunities to ridicule. And that is what I think is happening with these repeated questions. But then again, I also suspect that they are autistic. And are doing the bidding of one of their hypocritical "leaders", Richard "Daffy" Dawkins.

Here is a video highlighting members of the "Repeat Silly Questions Even Thought They've Been Answered" club.

November 26, 2012

Muslims and Nazis

Excellent work! Found on Facebook. Thanks, whoever made this.
The propaganda used by modern Muslims against the Jews is startlingly similar, often identical, to the anti-Jew propaganda of Nazi Germany. The hatred and bigotry is amazing.

Edit: Austrian Mohammedans chant, "Death to Jews!" Losers.

Some of it is childish, too. When they "martyr" themselves in cowardly suicide attacks, or when they get killed when the Israeli military strikes back, they cry for vengeance, as if they were quietly minding their own business and did not start anything. It reminds me of an old joke where a mother hears her child crying in the other room. When she rushes in, one child points to the other and sobs, "He hit me back!"

I am not going to say that the Israelis are pure as the driven snow and never do anything wrong (nor do I approve of their religion). When they do commit crimes, those become front page news and the atrocities of the Palestinians are either buried or ignored altogether.

For the record, again, I believe that Israel has the right to have its land and to protect itself.

November 24, 2012

Good Without God? Nope!

Atheists like to claim that they can be "good without God". But the claim itself is self-refuting, since anti-theism presupposes theism. Atheism has no consistent moral standard, no basis on which to define "good". If atheism was rational and true, then we are just bundles of chemicals responding to our impulses; some have even said that rape is acceptable in an atheistic evolutionary worldview. And why not? One bundle of chemicals violating another bundle of chemicals, there is nothing wrong with that in this worldview.

Like any self-respecting Stalin, Hitler, Mao or any other totalitarian knows, go after the children and indoctrinate them in anti-God propaganda. This encourages distrust of parents and outright rebellion, which in turn causes a reliance on the atheistic whims of the State. A typical example of this tyranny can be seen in the latest efforts of the American Humanist Association.

So, goodness is defined by arbitrary standards, whims, convenience and sometimes by evolution (presupposing that evolution is true).
Atheists and Christians often debate such questions. In this case, the politician’s answer is true: it really does depend upon what you mean by ‘God’ and ‘without’.
In fact, atheists not only can, but must be (at least to some extent) good without believing in God—even if they hate God with every inch of their being. If they are really made in the image of God as the Bible teaches (Genesis 1:28), then that fact must have some results. They, like all of us, are fallen (as explained in Genesis 3), but even so must still have an in-built sense of the reality and the importance of right and wrong. The very fact that atheists routinely argue that this or that is moral or immoral, and that such matters are important, bespeaks that fact. Unless that were so then the Bible would start to look suspect. When society comes across someone who really does seem to have mostly wiped out the ideas of right and wrong from their mind, we label them as insane and lock them in padded cells. We don’t just say, ‘If that’s what you like, then we’ll respect your choice.

If atheists were generally able to throw off all the shackles of morality and live their lives consistently with atheism, we’d be worried. If they could consistently live out such ideas as, ‘We’re just here to pass on our selfish genes’, ‘Survival of the fittest’ or ‘Life is ultimately all without meaning or purpose’, it would put a serious question mark over the record given to us in Genesis. It would be evidence that maybe they weren’t creatures made by God after all, and that atheism might actually be true.
Read the rest of "Can we be good without God?", and you may like a follow-up article from an atheist who could not grasp the concept.

November 23, 2012

Happy CHRISTmas!

Why are people hung up on saying "Christmas"? American say "Happy Thanksgiving", and people are willing to say, "Happy Valentine's Day", "Happy New Year" and others. Maybe it's like Brad Stine said, that after 2,000 years, Jesus Christ is still intimidating people.
“Have a Happy Holiday,” I said.
I had purposely avoided saying Merry CHRISTmas because I’ve been told that I am somehow shoving my religion down everyone’s throat ever time I say Merry CHRISTmas. And far be it from me to play havoc with the mercurial beliefs of those weak-willed enough to convert based on a simple greeting.
Honestly, I had no idea that such a sentiment could be so powerful. Did YOU know that wishing someone a Merry CHRISTmas would force them to convert to my faith? Did you know that acknowledging the existence of an officially recognized national holiday celebrated by the majority of a democratic nation would officially set up a Christian Theocracy?? Did you know that the mere mention of CHRISTmas would have such an effect?  I am assured it is so.
Read the rest of "What's So Dangerous About... Merry CHRISTmas?" here.

Video: No Evidence for God

This video is short and fast-moving, showing that the claim, "There is no evidence for God" (laughable on the surface) is irrational.

November 22, 2012

Basement Cat Thanksgiving

'Twas the night before thanksgiving, and all through the place — Prowling, pacing, restlessness, midnight howling. Mix, match and repeat as needed. Our Basement Cat's Sooper Sniffer® was in high gear, even though the turkey was thawing in the refrigerator. When the bird was finally in the oven today...oh, boy.

Well, she wants her share now. My wife can't begin to eat until yon beastie is taken care of:
The cat even taps on her arm and nuzzles. Hurry up!
And...was the smell of turkey the cause of all the restlessness? We think so. An hour later:
Cuteness and contentment. And snoring. Ever hear a cat snore?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pigging Out on Thanksgiving

Give thanks to the Lord, calling on his name.
Make what he has done known among the people.
Sing to him, sing psalms to him,
and think about all of his miraculous deeds.
Find joy in his holy name;
let the hearts of those who keep on seeking the Lord rejoice.
Seek the Lord and his strength.
Always look to him.
Keep remembering the awesome deeds that he has done...

November 21, 2012

Spam Time!

And now for something completely different. Spammer listing: Another public service from Stormbringer Productions™. It's the evening before Thanksgiving in America. After all the turkey and things, perhaps the processed pork product that the unpleasantness in your e-mail is named after might sound like a nice change.

If you want to get involved in fighting spam, there are two heavy-hitters. The first one I use extensively, it's "Knujon" ("No Junk" spelled backwards). Just register with them and then forward your e-mail. Read the details at the site. The second is more involved, but it is another aggressive, reputable opponent in the war on spam: Spamcop. I do not use it yet, but here's the link. Since Yahoo! AOL and other providers do not seem overly concerned with the spam that their customers receive, I take the extra step and report it, even though it's in my spam folder. When certain domains are reported enough times, they get blacklisted and other domains will automatically disallow mail from those.

Spam does not have to be the obvious stuff. Repeated mail from someone you told to stop sending, especially when they send CCs to dozens of people, is also a form of spam. I report this as well, so services like and should wise up and take action.

Here's the background on this. I do occasional article on spam and scams, but figure my readers are intelligent people and will not fall for the obvious "send money and I'll make you rich" or "you won money in a lottery you never entered, send money" scams. Hopefully, you know better than to click on links for pharmaceutical products that have been misspelled to avoid the spam filters ("vaigara", "cia1is" and so on). And if you click on something that went into your spam filter, I don't want to hear about it.

In one article, I listed some outrageous-sounding domain names. Those appeared in searches, bringing people to this Weblog. That got me thinking that perhaps people wanted confirmation that those domains are bad news. Now, I have many filters set up, but I've noticed some things. I'll make up a name now, "". I'll get mail from for a few "products" (, &c.), and then they move on. Heck, I've had the exact same mail from different "senders", so these people are getting sneakier.

It's too bad that they often pretend to be legitimate companies.

Before I commence, watch out for this "get your parcel" stuff:
Order No.: 368148143681364 
Order Date: Saturday, 12 October 2012 04:11 PM 
Dear Customer, Your parcel has arrived at the post office an November 12. 
Our postman was unable to deliver the parcel to your address. To rec *+++ eive a parcel you must go to the nearest office and show your postal receipt. Thank you for using our services. 
? FedEx 1995-2012 
I don't know if it's worth making this a regular feature, since the most important stuff is above. Here's the hall of shame listing:  

November 20, 2012

Excuses for Atheism Wear Thin

"I used to go to New York University a long time ago, which is in Greenwich Village...I was in love in my freshman year, but I did not marry the first girl that I fell in love with, because there was a tremendous religious conflict, at the time. She was an atheist, and I was an agnostic. We didn't know which religion not to bring the children up in."
Allan Stewart Konigsberg

Anyway, atheists are full of excuses for their disbelief. In a discussion on the "Unbelievable?" radio show/podcast a few months ago, I heard an atheist saying that he decided God did not exist was because he had prayed for something silly, like a new bicycle, and was disappointed. Others have rejected God for somewhat less ridiculous reasons, including praying for a healing that did not happen, having absent or abusive fathers and so on.

The problem with praying and being disappointed is that these people were expecting God to be some sort of vending machine or cosmic butler. No, he's the Creator of the universe. He has revealed himself (Rom 1.19-22) and we should find out what he has to say. Is it their fault? To some extent, yes (Rom. 1.18-19). Circumstances, bad education, conditioning also contribute.

But further, these misotheists have suppressed the truth and continue to justify their self-deception and hatred of God. Ridicule is a frequent tool for those who are intellectually lacking. Arguments of atheists are are constantly being refuted. For that matter, when challenged, atheists cannot give cogent arguments for atheism, they just spew excuses about why they hate God, "religion", Christians and so on. And the aforementioned ridicule that they readily embrace when their popes advocate it. Ridicule does nothing to advance atheism. In fact, their lack of logic and vituperation work against them.

As for disbelief in God...the excuses are not fooling anyone. 

November 17, 2012

Atheist Rage

In December 1993, Colin Ferguson began methodically shooting people on the Long Island Railroad. He hated white people and other blacks that he considered "Uncle Toms" [1]. This was before the term "hate crime" was popular. He had lawyers who wanted to offer an absurd defense called "black rage". The concept was that he was a victim of a racist society, and this was going to be offered as an insanity defense [2]. The selfish, self-righteous coward rejected the defense and chose to defend himself. Badly [3, 4].

Earlier today, I posted some comics and pictures on my Facebook account, including something that was made for me. A couple of misotheists decided to take me to task and play the victim card. They went on about how they are hated by society and treated badly by "theists". I cleaned up the language of one comment and presented it here: -

When I showed the first complainant that this and other remarks in his diatribe were faulty, he blocked me. Fine, how about simply not commenting on my page?


I noticed a similarity between what these guys were crying about and the "black rage" nonsense, including the fact that atheism could very well be a form of mental illness [6]. I've seen it in other places too: Atheopaths will attempt to justify their hatred of God [7] and Christians by pretending to be victims of (mostly fictitious and exaggerated) discrimination themselves.

So, they are the least-liked, least-trusted group for no reason, and nonsense like this and this are irrelevant, huh? The fact that atheist regimes are responsible for the most murders in history are also irrelevant [8]? They go on trolling rampages while pretending that they are the smartest ones in the room, that's irrelevant [9]? Not bloody likely.

They are disliked for many reasons, and they bring it on themselves. It is long past time for modern vituperative atheists to on their "all gwowed up" panties and try to build up civilized society instead of tearing it down. No victim cards allowed.

This attacking sycophant spelled his hero's name wrong, it's "Myers", Poindexter.
Fred Meyer wouldn't appreciate the association, I dare say.

November 7, 2012

Obama Goes to Hell

On his way to Hell, Barrack Obama shuffles past the gates of Heaven, seeing a man with a beard. 'Are you Mohammed, can you help me?', he cries.

'No my son, I am St. Peter; Mohammed is higher up.' Peter then points to a ladder that rises into the clouds.

Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than St. Peter, Obama leaps onto the ladder, climbs up through the clouds arriving in a room with yet another bearded man. 'Are you Mohammed?' he asks.

'Why no, I am Moses; Mohammed is higher still.'

Exhausted, but filled with joy he further climbs the ladder, discovering a bearded, angelic looking man, he stutters, 'Are you Mohammed?'

'No, I am Jesus, the Christ; you will find Mohammed higher up.'

Mohammed higher than Jesus Christ, man, oh, man!

Unable to contain delight, Obama climbs and climbs ever higher, reaching the top he gasps: 'Are you Mohammed?'

'No, I am God, creator of the universe. You look exhausted, would you desire food and drink?'

Obama mumbles, ‘Yes please!’

God looks behind him, claps his hands twice and yells: 'Hey, Mohammed, bring me two hot coffees, and bring this man a bacon sandwich!'

October 30, 2012

Education, Discrimination, Indoctrination

“I know that some of you out there are creationists.
You really don’t believe in evolution.
I personally don’t think you should be allowed
to leave this university with that belief.”
— Lesley Northrup

Some atheists go into denial when I mention that there are college professors that are openly derisive of the beliefs of their students, and actively work to destroy Christian beliefs, and others justify the practice since it fits their own bigotry. It should not be surprising to have this happen in America. After all, we have unrepentant terrorists like William Ayers getting tenure. Active discrimination against creationists exists. True scientific inquiry does not protect the established orthodoxy, but will examine scientific evidence that runs against it. The same goes for education. Let's face it, we do not have education, we have indoctrination centers. And anyone would be hard-pressed to find a legitimate educational reason for attacking the personal beliefs of students.
A university dean in Florida, who moonlights as an Episcopal priest and is an admitted lesbian, recently caused controversy after a video surfaced on the web that provided snippets of a lecture she delivered to students in her Epistemology class, in which she discusses religion and evolution.
“This is a book of myth, and that’s going to offend some of you,” stated professor Lesley Northup in the video. “And I don’t really care.”
You can read more about this Stalinette in "University Dean Tells Class: ‘Bible is Myth,’ Creationists Shouldn’t Graduate".

Adoration of an Atheist Pope

How can people who claim to love "reason" bow down and worship the atheist popes? Especially Richard Dawkins. His emotive rantings are inconsistent and illogical, and his "morality" is sadly lacking. Most people who want to get along with others will not get in their faces and ridicule their beliefs, but that is what Daffy Dawkins advises.

When inquiring about how much money Dawkins is worth (about an 'undred million quid according to the 2012 "Rich List" of the Sunday Times), people get defensive and ask, "Why do you want to know?", or say, "It's none of your business". Yes, misotheists flat-out lie about the amount of money that creationists and ID proponents have, but it's perfectly acceptable to get rich from hatred and religious bigotry. Double Standard, thy name is "atheist".

Dawkins lied about a debate that he lost, claiming that it never took place. Now he is ready — to dodge debates. Probably because he knows that creationists tend to win the debates.

He is not consistent with his own religion of atheistic evolutionism. Sometimes he says that life could not have evolved because it's too complicated so it life on Earth had to have been seeded by space aliens. Then, he goes back to defending evolutionism. Which is it?

This atheopath is living in a manner consistent with a true evolutionist: Do whatever brings you the most happiness. This includes cowardice, dishonesty, strife and confusion to bring in money and respect of non-thinking worshipers. One of these baffling sycophants is Michael Nugent, who seems oblivious of his hero's many moral failings. He actually calls Dawkins a "caring, sensitive man". Well, maybe he is when it comes to his friends.

Take a look here and read "Irish atheist Michael Nugent called Richard Dawkins a 'caring, sensitive man'", plus information on the global decline of atheism and the rise of Christianity. With "thinkers" who adore Dawkins, no wonder atheism is on the slide. This kind of evil never sleeps.

But then, maybe some people are catching on, as Dawkins is losing Web traffic. 

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