November 24, 2016

Christians, Secularists, and Giving Thanks

Although this is written for Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, there are some important truths that are applicable beyond this day. Although some sidewinders commence to rewriting history and redefining facts to suit their own preferences, America was founded on Christian principles, and Thanksgiving Day is a unique part of it.

Secularists try to "give thanks" without thanking God who gave them life. Christians need to be mindful of thankfulness.

One bit of historical rewriting is that in 1621, the Pilgrims gave thanks to the Native Americans. Not hardly! They gave thanks to God, primarily. There are conflicting stories about that first "thanksgiving day". A few years later in 1676, the first Thanksgiving Proclamation was set up " a day of Solemn Thanksgiving and praise to God for such his Goodness and Favour..." Eventually, a national Thanksgiving Day was established.

Atheists, whether calling themselves humanists, secularists, "freethinkers", atheists, or whatever, have a bit of a dilemma: they are in rebellion against God and do not wish to thank or even acknowledge him. Instead, they are attempting to find different ways to "give thanks" while avoiding God, who created them and gave them life. Their "prayers" seem a lot like Christian prayers, tacitly admitting that giving thanks to God is something deep inside us.

Another atheist bigot who worships scientism and atheism.
This character is elevating his religion of atheism and scientism above God — and basic civility.
Christians need to have an attitude of thanksgiving that transcends one "official" day a year. Ingratitude is sinful and selfish.

This is where I turn you over to the author and speaker who inspired this post, Dr. Albert Mohler. There are two items. First, there's a podcast that runs just over 20 minutes that you can download or hear online, or read the transcript if you prefer. That one is "Thanks be to whom? Celebrating Thanksgiving in an increasingly secular age". Second, he has an article that I recommend for Christians to read, "Thanksgiving as Theological Act: What Does it Mean to Give Thanks?".

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

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