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Atheists Have Their Miracles Too

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Professing atheists tend to look in disdain at Christians for believing in God, the Bible, and (of course) miracles. They argue from their naturalistic presuppositions that the Bible is false, God does not exist, and miracles are impossible, then they proceed to make the assertion that they  are the rational ones because they reject the aforementioned. But such a definition of rational  is arbitrary and fallacious, presuming that those who believe in miracles are irrational . The word miracle  seems to be a catch-all word that means, "Something good that happened that I can't explain", such as finding my possibles bag by a fence on the back forty. More accurately, miracles ascribe happy events to God. Yes, maybe he did perform a miraculous healing, something the doctors cannot explain, because God does perform them. Too often, however, people don't know what they're talking about. Take a gander at the first few paragraphs of " Doe