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Running the Big Story Too Soon

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen The news media tend to get pieces of information, jump the fence, and gallop for the open prairie. Or to their editors so they can get a story published. They know that people go wild with partial information and rumors, so the media keep doing it. Especially the liberal media. Credit: Unsplash / rawpixel "Trump may cancel the 2020 elections!" Oh, shut up. Some of us are intelligent enough to know that's not possible. You're an insult to humanity, Skippy. It's nice when some restraint is used and we're informed that a story is developing, or "preliminary reports indicate..." and so on. People like to get all het up, don't they? Especially leftists, who have protests, smash windows, overturn cars, set dumpster on fire, and that sort of thing. Even when they have no idea what it's about. Here's a short video I made from audio of The Chris Plante Show , excerpting the July 24, 2018 episode . A cra