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May 12, 2018

Bad Marx for Communist Adoration

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

On May the Fifth, the 200th anniversary of the birth of atheist Sith Karl Marx was celebrated. Communism, its ugly kid sister Socialism, and other leftist systems are responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Many freedoms, especially speech and religion, are devastated under such rulers. China paid for a statue of Marx to be set up in Germany, the place of his birth.

Despite the murders and failures of communism and similar regimes, some people are trying to idolize Karl Marx

Everywhere these systems have been established, they have failed. Amazingly, people like failed US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders lauded Venezuela and other South American countries. China has a pretense of communism and forces atheism, but its economic system is a strange hybrid with capitalism. Most of us know that the communist Soviet Union (a "workers' paradise") collapsed, and North Korea is another communist police state that was propped up by the USSR. Even though most of communism collapsed and the ideology fell into some disrepute, it remained popular in academia.

Karl Marx was an atheist who set up communism as a materialistic worldview as well as an economic system. He praised Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life as the working of his own philosophies according to natural sciences. A few years after Darwin's book came out, Das Kapital (Capital: Critique of Political Economy) was published.

Marx replaced the gospel with his own worldview. Darwinism and materialism were used instead of creation, sin became the oppression of the dissatisfied worker, the redemption of Jesus Christ became violent revolution to control the economy. The truth in the Bible was given substitutes, and a new religion without God was formed. See how that works?

I believe a good part of the problem is that people want something for nothing. Politicians tell people what they want to hear, and appeals to power and money are effective. They want redistribution of wealth, or even money for nothing. The workers (or even non-workers) are given the illusion of control. As for the academics, they do not learn very well, even those who have lived through such totalitarian years. They also forget that communists imprison or execute intellectuals.

This is another article that was inspired by an episode of The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler. I strongly recommend that you listen to/download the May 8, 2018 podcast or read the transcript. Also, you may wish to read "The Darwinian Foundation of Communism". 

Say bye bye, Bernie and Bill.

July 4, 2017

Liberty or the Collective?

When individual liberties thrive, there is a sense of accountability and a sense of wanting justice. For example, in the Soviet Union, atheist Stalin pushed for the collectivization of farms, where individuals were made to be inferior through propaganda and actual coercion. Can't have peasants owning and harvesting their own land, can we? No! We must work together for the common good of the Soviet, and you will be rewarded with farm equipment. Otherwise, what little you have will be taken away. This horrible procedure led to despair, famine, cannibalism, and more. 

 “Strengthen working discipline in collective farms” USSR propaganda poster
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Totalitarian regimes emphasize the "common good" (or "greater good") of whatever those in power have decreed. People have little hope or expectation of justice. Such governments are usually riddled with corruption (the aforementioned Soviet Union was famous for corruption). Want to get something done? Have a bribe handy. 

Countries with some semblance of God-given liberty and the dignity of the individual, are much more likely to thrive. Science thrives in the proper environment, and individuals can be rewarded. They also voluntarily work for the good of the societies in which they live. Those of us in the West tend to take our freedoms for granted — until they are threatened by those who essentially want to collectivize us under totalitarianism. Then we fight to keep our liberties.
When citizens are taught that they cannot help themselves, the outcome is predictable: social breakdown and increased criminal behavior.
This headline might surprise some left-leaning, materialist philosophers in academia: “Belief in free will predicts criminal punishment support, disapproval of unethical actions.” Social scientists at the University of Minnesota surveyed 65,000 individuals from 46 countries, some with governments that respect individual liberty and some with dictatorial or corrupt governments. Here’s what they say they found:
You can find out what they found and read the rest of this article by clicking on "Freedom Exalts a Culture".

September 27, 2012

More Steps Toward a Police State

Edited 9-28-2012

Hatetheists will naturally laugh at the title and this article (even to the point of disagreeing with me for its own sake). Some people are too young, uninformed and/or looking for excuses to hate to be aware of what has happened in the not-too-distant past. Totalitarianism is not normally something that happens quickly. The erosion of liberties takes place gradually, and when tyrants rule, cowed people wonder what happened.

One advantage of having free speech is the ability to sound the alarm. While we still can.

The nonsense of politically correct speech is increasing. It is an excuse to stifle free speech. I was watching some comedy shows on some of those increasingly popular rerun channels. There were jokes in them that were innocuous for their time, and would be harmless today. But they could not be done on modern TV shows because professional racists like Al Unsharpton would be organizing protests in front of the network's headquarters. People live in fear. Part of the problem is judicial activism, where common sense is thrown out the window and astonishingly bad rulings take place (such as ruling in favor of petty, tyrannical, contemptible atheopaths, for instance). The tiny minority bullies the majority. And they are not even being harmed in any way, but cry that they are being discriminated against. Atheists are such bigots.

Comedian Brad Stine pointed out that people will use the "I'm offended!" line as leverage to shut people up. OK... He said, "Know what offends me? Offended people!" Ha!

Here's something that is jaw-droppingly stupid. The ACLU sued (and won!) to get Father-Daughter and Mother-Son activites banned in Rhode Island. What, are you nuts? One lone crybaby ruins things for everyone else. And it wasn't laughed out of the courtroom? Wow.

B. Hussein Obama made rhetoric about not tolerating the slander of Mohammed. Sure, that closet Mohammedan is only giving minimal lip service to standing up for Christianity, but his actions and other words tell another story. Yes, we mustn't offend the people who execute rape victims, blow up buildings, beat women, behead people who disagree with them — that wouldn't be proper.

How about France? I really don't know what happened to that country. Great artists, scientists, theologians and other good folks came from there. Eventually, they turned into money-grubbing, untrustworthy socialists and went downhill, I suppose. Rampant political correctness and coddling has actually led to the government officially (brace yourselves) ban the use of the words "father" and "mother" in official documents! It's part of the plan to legalize homosexual "marriage". Agonizing, all these efforts to redefine marriage and destroy the family unit. Marriage has always been a man and a woman, and it has worked that way for millennia. Now it has to be changed for a tiny minority.

The common thread I see here is that sensibilities and reason are being sacrificed to cater to hatred of God and his Word. Think about it. Until the thought police put a stop to that, too.

July 14, 2012

Atheism and Mass Murders

Something that modern obstreperous atheists utterly detest is when we tell the truth about their religion; it is intellectually, morally and spiritually bankrupt. Their predictable response is to get offended, attack the person, and then show their double standards by ridiculing Christianity.


Whenever we point out that atheist political leaders are guilty of the greatest numbers of mass murders in history, we get hit with a kind of "No True Atheist" fallacy. (While atheists try to "give" Hitler to Christianity, which is easily disproved despite their constant assertions, I do not buy attempts to "give" him to atheists, either. He was a nutty occultist who used religion for his own ends.) The excuse for the actions of atheist mass murderers is that the regimes are driven by political ideology.

So, it's just a coincidence that the greatest mass murderers in history were predominantly atheist? I think not. Especially since atheism has no consistent moral standard to tell them that torturing and killing Jews, Christians and others is wrong.

Here is the direct link to the video.

June 22, 2012

Atheist Justifications for Bad Behavior

It should no longer amaze me when atheists act irrationally, but it does. They proclaim "reason" as if they had exclusive rights to it. In fact, I have seen precious little in the way of reasoning processes from atheists. (I suspect that more civil atheists are uninterested in trolling, and are embarrassed by the Internet trolls.) They commit multiple logical fallacies, and then justify their bad logic with more of it — I have lost count of the number of times I have experienced this online.

So many modern atheists use the fallacies and attempt to manipulate emotions to control the flow of conversations. (I recently trapped some particularly vituperative atheists by saying that they are incapable of rational discourse. When one with an obscene name attempted to dictate the terms of the conversation, I declined to go along with it. S/he reacted with railings, accusations and so forth, and others joined in. (Part of it was resentment at being caught in my trap and trying to put it back on me, other parts were just simple railing. I like being proved right.) So many hate following rules, and whine about being unable to say anything anytime or they whine about "censorship", cowardice or some use other attempt to manipulate.

These modern atheists seek to justify their bad behavior. One loathsome misotheist, when asked why he persecutes Christians, responded with:
It is often asked, usually by my Christian family members, why I am so bent on attacking Christianity? Why don't I attack Buddhism with the same zeal?

Well, Buddhists aren't, en mass, currently trying to restrict the rights of my homosexual friends to get married and be happy. My Buddhist friends aren't trying to dictate whether or woman can have an abortion or not and dictate what she can or cannot do with her own body. Buddhists aren't trying to control education policies by supplanting historical and scientific facts for their ancient myths.

But that's just one of my reasons for speaking out against Christianity. My other reason is more subtle. I want to educate Christians, because the truth of the matter is, many Christians don't seem to know all that much about Christianity. Granted, it might be unfair of me to expect over two billion people to have access to higher learning, and I feel much of the things which religious historians have understood for the past 300 years should be made more common knowledge to the general public, perhaps Christians most of all. But there is no reason we shouldn't have the right to correct a Christian when they are wrong about some straight forward fact. [1]
Note the noble victim tone, as well as the contradictions and absence of reason. Not only is he outright lying ("...en mass, currently trying to restrict the rights of my homosexual friends to get married and be happy"), but that statement appeals to emotion, has a straw man fallacy and uses a sweeping generality. Then, he contradicts himself by pretending that he is trying to do Christians a favor by "correcting" us. This is astonishingly arrogant. He knows more than all of the Christians? (Perhaps he knows more things about the Bible and Christianity than some Christians; that is a problem that some of us are attempting to correct.) But such a broad, narcissistic statement is laughable.

The whole thing is very transparent, and I suspect the better answer for why he persecutes Christians is that he simply wants a plausible-sounding excuse for acting like an angry schoolyard bully that was spanked for stealing a banana from the teacher's desk.

One of the most vile things I have read from an atheist unfortunately does not have documentation. You'll just have to take my word for it. (Naturally, atheopaths are going to accuse me of lying, but that's their nature, innit?) When Ray Comfort's Weblog was called "Atheist Central", I brought up the fact that atheists have been persecuting, torturing and murdering Christians in atheist-controlled countries for decades. Someone responded that "they deserved it"! Why did they "deserve it"? Because of what the Catholic church did in previous centuries. This is "reason" in action, folks.

What follows next is alarming. An atheist kept pestering me about my beliefs on the age of the Earth. I asked why it mattered to him what I believe about it. Here is his response:

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Restrain your equines, Pilgrim!

When we correctly point out that the greatest mass murderers in history have been atheists like Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Lenin and others, the response is the "no true atheist" fallacy [2]; the atheism of Stalin et al have nothing to do with their actions! First, that load of garbage that doesn't fool anyone. And yet, this atheo-fascist member of the Thought Police was worried that my beliefs affect my actions, and may motivate me to act in a way that is unacceptable to him. What an amazingly blatant display of double standards. A bit Stalinesque, I think. [3]

Bottom lines:Your worldview does affect your actions. Atheism is logically and philosophically self-refuting, tragically lacking in reason as well as substance. Manipulative control freaks are disgusting. People can attempt to justify acting arrogantly, but they are not fooling anyone.

They're worse after they've been drinking. That's a wrap on the rant. Be sure to catch the videos that follow (the longest is only about eight minutes long):

February 12, 2012

What Hath Darwin Wrought?

"Darwin's book is very important and serves me as a basis in natural science for the class struggle in history."
— Karl Marx

Evolutionary propaganda is a masterpiece. The Nazis and Soviet Union would approve. First, the populace worships "science". Next, leftist governments push God out of schools and public places. Follow that with equating operational science (which can be observed, tested, measured, falsified, repeated and so forth) with historical, speculative science and pretend evolution is "science". Join that stuff with anti-God propaganda and liberal theology (not to mention human laziness), and "scientific" Darwinian concepts run rampant.

Taking Darwin's popularization of evolution (it was not original with him, you know) as "science", people wanted to apply it as a social principle as well. With horrible results.
Evil, in the socialist worldview, is the oppression of the working class by the bourgeoisie. Having been enlightened by Marx regarding the ‘true history of life’, men and women could now take control of that history. They could accelerate ‘nature’ as it sped towards its goal of a world revolution that would banish such ‘evil’ and produce a socialist utopia.
Hitler, I discovered, shared a similar worldview, as outlined in his book Mein Kampf (literally ‘my struggle’). He believed that people, like animals and plants, were engaged in a constant struggle for survival. The climax of history would be the survival of the fittest race—which he believed to be the ‘Aryan race’, as embodied in the German people.
Hitler and Stalin both applied their ‘scientific’ logic with a ruthless, overwhelming determination. So did Mao Zedong in China, where countless millions also perished in the name of a utopian Marxist dream. And they not only convinced themselves, but millions of others—people just like you and me—that they were right to do so.
Read the entirety of "Darwin’s impact—the bloodstained legacy of evolution" here.

November 26, 2011

When Atheists Gain Power

Buon giorno. Every year, atheists and "humanists" (those are atheists who want legal standing as a religion) ramp up their attacks on Christmas. The 2011 attacks have already started, but this time, they're playing the "discrimination" card. (Some complain of discrimination in employment and in other places where it is illegal to ask, or make a prerequisite for employment, someone's worldview. News flash, Poindexter: Clam up. You either offered this irrelevant information as a matter of pride, or the discrimination probably did not happen.) With the growing snarling of atheists, their antics to interfere with the rights, sensibilities and beliefs of the majority of the people — how can anyone honestly wonder why atheists are the least trusted and least respected "minority" in the country? [1,2] (Edit: In my experience, and in the experience of others to whom I have spoken, atheists are also the least honest people.) It must be something to be ranked at the bottom with radical Mohammedans, who hate Christians as much as you do! These atheists pretend that they are the victims of discrimination, but let's be honest: They are the instigators of extreme religious bigotry.

The obstreperous atheists are gaining power. What happens when atheists control countries? They force their ideologies on others, killing and imprisoning dissenters.

I have a few articles about present-day atheist regimes for your perusal. You may want to click around the sites linked below and see other stories of persecution.

Chinese Pastor Zhang Rongliang, also known as Uncle Z, reports that the seven years and six months he spent in prison were a fruitful time of ministry. Zhang is still recovering from severe health problems after completing his full sentence on Aug. 31, 2011. He was immediately admitted to a hospital for 15 days where doctors monitored Zhang’s high blood pressure and diabetes.

In early December 2004 Zhang disappeared, and eventually, the Chinese government admitted they had him in custody. Zhang was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison for possessing and using a forged passport — which typically carries a six-month sentence. People and organizations around the world pressured Chinese Communist leaders to release Zhang. Thousands of individuals wrote letters and prayed while multiple organizations worked to secure his release.
Maoist rebels in Nepal attacked Christians at an evening prayer meeting, according to VOM contacts. The rebels ordered them to stop the meeting and then assaulted the pastor and believers when they refused.

Before the attack, the pastor had asked the Maoists to leave and return the next day to talk with him, but the rebels instead began to beat him with sticks. When church members, including the pastor’s father and women in the church, tried to defend the pastor, the Maoists attacked them, too. The rebels also burned Bibles and hymnals during the attack.
After a few months' break, Belarusian authorities have resumed punishing leaders of the Baptist Council of Churches, whose congregations refuse on principle to gain the state registration which officials insist is compulsory. In the third court case in 2011, Pastor Aleksei Abramovich, who leads their congregation in Zhodino in Minsk Region, was fined several weeks' average local wages in late September, Council of Churches Baptists told Forum 18 News Service. Meanwhile, another Protestant church in Zhodino has been repeatedly denied registration because no local enterprise is willing to give it a legal address, while architectural officials will not approve their newly-built church. Eight Jehovah's Witness congregations across Belarus, as well as non-Moscow Patriarchate Orthodox congregations are among other religious communities currently unable to get state registration, Forum 18 notes. Their religious activity is at risk of raids and punishment at any time.

Pastors and Christian leaders in Cuba are reporting a shift in how the government treats Christians. The government appears to have moved away from higher profile forms of oppression, such as threatening to shut down or destroy churches, and is now focusing pressure on church leaders, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).

Church leaders both within and outside of the Cuban Council of Churches (CCC) report receiving frequent visits from state security agents and Cuban Communist Party (CCP) officials. The CCC is an umbrella organization representing Protestant churches. These visits and meetings seem to have the intent of intimidating church leaders and making them aware they are under close surveillance.
Read the rest of "Persecution Increases" here. But first, throw away those loathsome Che Guevara T-shirts and flags. They're sickening to decent people, capice?
Fourteen Khmu Christian families in Laos are standing strong in their faith, despite the Communist government forcing them to relocate to another village and their homes and church building being destroyed, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.
In 2003, the families were evicted by the government and relocated to another village where they were moved again. "After these 14 families stayed at this village for a year, the Communist Party members of the village found out that the head of the village loved them," VOM contacts said. "[The village leader] even allowed them to build a bamboo church on his land."

The Communist district governor was not happy with the head of the village. "... [The] governor kicked him out from his post and then replaced [him] with another man. The new head of the village started persecuting them from 2006 to 2009," VOM contacts report. The leader refused to allow them to register, making them illegal residents and he stopped them from farming land, the contacts said.
Forum 18 News reports that on Aug. 20, New Life Full Gospel Church in Minsk, Moscow [district], was issued an eviction notice by government officials, forcing them to abandon their church building purchased in 2002.

The church is adamant they do not fear the government’s threats. “We’re here praying and believe God will protect us,” Sergei Lukanin, the church’s lawyer told Forum 18 News. “As a lawyer I believe the state could do anything, including the use of force. But as a believer I rely on God.”

Government authorities have not disclosed why the church is being evicted, but have repeatedly refused to grant the church’s application for registration. In 2002, Belarus passed a restrictive religion law that made all unregistered religious activity illegal.
Read the rest of "Church Evicted" here.

Edit: Added item
Three Christians seriously injured during a savage attack near Hanoi on Nov. 13 have been evacuated to an undisclosed hospital in Ho Chi Minh City after several hospitals in the region refused to examine and treat them.
The attack on a church leaders’ worship service of an Agape Baptist Church (ABC) house church in Lai Tao village, Bot Xuyen commune, My Duc district left one woman, evangelist Nguyen Thi Lan, with her pelvis broken in two places and with badly damaged internal organs, according to doctors who recommended emergency surgery. Yet previously doctors at three area hospitals had told her and two other seriously injured Christians that they were fine and dismissed them, said Pastor Nguyen Cong Thanh, head of the ABC.
When doctors in Vietnam learn that religious motives play a role in violence, commonly they do not dare to treat or even examine the victims of persecution.
Read the rest of "Christians Injured in Attack in Vietnam Denied Medical Care" here. 

So, why are atheists so despised? Aside from the lack of logic skills that I have encountered, they persecute Christians and seek to take away our rights. After imposing their minority views on the rest of us, they complain about being disliked. When they gain power, the persecution of Christians and Jews increases dramatically. Perhaps if you lot exercised some of that "tolerance" that you proclaim...

Click here to obtain a free copy of "Tortured for Christ".

October 29, 2011

The Danger of Militant Atheists

Buon giorno. I have been challenged when I point out that militant atheists are a threat to Christians. Not only do they continually seek to take away our rights, but have shown a penchant toward violence. (I am including a failed actor who became a failed massage therapist that demanded to know my name and location, and another hateful atheist told him what he thought was the truth — the same one who told me to commit suicide. And the guy in school who raved that he wanted all Christians to be burned at the stake. And...)

They hate God (who only exists in their minds when they want to hate him), and they hate Christians. A few even pretend that they care about us, and want to "help" us away from our faith. A man with that attitude is a lousy excuse for a man!

Atheism was the driving force behind Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and other mass-murdering totalitarians.

"But Cowboy Bob! Atheism is currently defined as a lack of belief in gods. This had nothing to do with their murderous actions, or the compulsory atheist education in Communist countries, or the torture and murder of Christians and Jews throughout those countries —"

Oh, really?

The best part, however, is a post over at Wintry Knight. I challenge thinking people to read it.
I do want to make a distinction between ordinary individual atheists and militant atheists. This post is about militant atheists, the kind that organizes into groups and then exerts political power to try to trample the rights of religious people. This post is about that kind of atheist, not the ordinary kind that is honest and open to being convinced that God exists. If you are an atheist, and you don’t have any thoughts about silencing religious people, or making religious people deny their convictions, or taking away their rights to speak freely or assemble, then this post isn’t about you. But there is another group of atheists that does have these and other goals, and this post is an answer to them.
Consider this post on the American Atheists web site.

October 28, 2011

The Company You Keep

Buona sera. I am not a fan of "Guilt by Association" ("Islam is a religion. Some Muslims attacked us on 9/11 in the name of their God and their religion. Therefore religion is bad. Christianity is a religion. Therefore Christianity is bad." [1]) It's a cheap way to avoid intelligent discussion.

When bad associations accumulate, however, it should be a bit of a warning that something is seriously amiss. The rising tide of australopithecines that are doing the "Occupy Wall Street"-type fiascoes across the United States and in some other countries (I heard someone say it actually originated in Greece) are acting in a most appalling manner.

Riots, clashes with the police, public defecation (including on police cars), rape, antisemitism and other good times make this the happenin' place to be, Baby! Can you believe that some people think this is another version of the "Tea Party" movement? Ridiculous!  

But what for? Their alleged purpose is to protest the fact that corporations make money, and rich people are rich. This is just an outgrowth of B. Hussein Obama's socialistic redistribution of the wealth promises that he has not fulfilled to the satisfaction of the leftists. He supports this "Occupy Wall Street" crap.

Know who else supports "Occupy Wall Street"?
Wouldn't this make any self-respecting Democrat seriously re-evaluate their political allegiance? Hey, Democrat! Is this what you stand for? Is this what you want to be associate with? Really?

Of all the confusing twists, you won't believe who else supports this "movement". The financier of so many leftist pursuits, very rich guy George Soros supports it (there ya go, Norman, a news source of which you approve). Al Gore supports it, as does the irrational leftist Daily Kos. Yoko Ono (and the spirit of John Lennon, she says), as well as Michael Moore, Kanye West, Alec Baldwin, Russell Simmons, Susan Sarandon, Nancy Pelosi and others [2]. Of all the flaming hypocrisy! You would think that the people actually protesting the wealthy would have some qualms about their rich supporters. Ask, "Hey, have you ever had a job from a poor person?" No, never mind. I don't think these people understand "employment".

So, don't you dare equate the angry, riotous, racist, obscene "Occupy Wall Street" "movement" with the peaceful "Tea Party" movement. No, the OWS movement should be flushed, capice?

Those pseudo-hippie revolutionaries should listen to this song, then especially the last lyrics, about 7 minutes 50 seconds along:

Addendum:  Two bits of satire to illustrate the absurdity of the OWS "thinking". First, a friend of a friend on Facebook posted this:
I do not think it is fair that the Cardinals should be the only ones who get to win the World Series. The brewers did good too. The Rangers almost won. Lots of teams tried hard to win. Why should they be penalized just because the Cards scored more runs? I say we start an Occupy Baseball protest. Everyone should get a new pennant to hang in their stadium It is only right and fair.
Second, a picture that I found, also on Facebook:

Addendum 2:

June 11, 2010

Imagine - No Organized Atheism

I made this in response to attacks on religion (especially on Christianity) by militant atheist trolls. They do the lame thing of "religion is the cause of wars", etc. Oh, really, Skippy? If you did your homework instead of filling your mind with hate, you'd see that atheists are the greatest mass murderers in history! Institutionalized atheism incorporated into communism is a vicious lie, a political and moral failure every time. I did not have time and the room to put all of the atheist leaders in the picture.

Amazing how "progressives" revere these losers. Click for full-size.

Atheist, Atheism, Tyrants, Communist, Imagine No Organized Atheism, Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Numbers of murders for which they are responsible (approximate):
  • Mao — 70,000,000
  • Stalin — 23,000,000
  • Pol Pot — 1,700,000
  • Kim Il Sung — 1,600,000
  • Castro — 30,000 (keep in mind the size of Cuba)
Need I continue? Didn't think so.

If this annoys you, wait until you read "When Atheists Gain power"! 
Also, atheists are competing to set up their own symbol. Since atheism itself is laughable...

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