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Liars, Libelers and Censors, OH MY!

Excuse me while I think out loud. There are some things I've heard, and observations I've made, that need to be put together. There are some people in the music industry that will have outrageous and often obscene lyrics. These are often accompanied by antics on stage that sensible people don't want their kids to see. When it was suggested that warning labels should be put on certain recordings, some recording artists howled about "censorship" (even though they still record the same nasty lyrics). Sometimes, they would go on crusades against "censorship".  Chris Plante was commenting on how those on the left have disdain for people who think differently from them, think those people should be controlled, and that they're the ones to do it. I've noticed the same thing about many modern atheists. They are very controlling, and want to usher Stalin's vision of a secular state through any means possible. Although these atheopaths are held

Washing It Away

A New Year's Rant Recently, I said that making preparations for New Year's Day has some psychological value. Wearing a new piece of clothing is good. I started reading a version of the Bible that was new to me, and had things lined up as I could to start the business aspect of the New Year. As a bonus, "The Question Evolution Project" on Facebook gained some new Admins to add content and sweep up troll droppings. This is great, because the influence of Richard Dawkins and vitriolic atheism is fading, and creation science is gaining ground . People are realizing that they need the truth, not the hatred from atheopaths. I'll come back to this in a moment. In a podcast, Dr. James White was discussing how many Islamic apologists are inconsistent and disingenuous. This part caught my attention: What he said reminded me of many misotheists. They do not care about truth, accuracy, integrity, the rights of others or even obeying the law. (For that matte

Another "I Told You So!"

This was in my fortune cookie, so it must be true!

Video: Eric Hovind Wrecks Atheists' "Logic"

Really, destroying what passes for logic in the minds of most Internet atheopaths is not difficult at all. In this video, Eric Hovind will not let atheists off the hook in this discussion. They cannot justify their belief systems, show terrible reasoning skills and want people to simply accept their a priori presuppositions. Eric allows none of that. By the way, note her contradiction: It's OK for Eric to believe the way he does, but it's not OK because his views are somehow "dangerous". He catches her in lies, too.