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It's All Right for YOU to Say It

Then the L ORD God said to the serpent:     Because you have done this,     you are cursed more than any livestock     and more than any wild animal.     You will move on your belly     and eat dust all the days of your life . — Genesis 3.14 (HCSB) Buona sera. It's rather amusing when orthodox evolutionists go into damage control and put their "spin" on embarrassing discoveries. After all, we know that evolution is true, that it's an established fact (never mind that it's still called a "theory"), that the Bible is full of hooey. What happens when discoveries make monkeys out of evolutionists? They put on a proud face and change their stories, of course. God cursed the serpent in Genesis 3.14, which is a strong implication that snakes had legs. Guess what, Grover? Fossils of snakes with legs have been found ! That fits in well with the view of Creationists, that species devolve and become less complex. "But it also says that snakes eat d