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Amazing What People Believe

Situation 1: The Bible is comprised of 66 books that span a time period of over a thousand years, several languages, authors from various walks of life (including kings, fisherman and shepherds), yet it speaks with unity on all sorts of subject, including the most controversial. Just try to do that with ten of your own friends or co-workers! Hundreds of prophesies regarding the life, death and resurrection of Jesus have been fulfilled, and some of those prophesies were made a thousand years ahead of time. Archaeologists have verified the Bible, and a leading archaeologist said that no archaeological find ever contradicted the Bible. Also, the New Testament was written by eye-witnesses of the events related, which would mean that contemporaries could have easily quelled the excitement by their own eye-witness accounts to the contrary. Response to Situation 1: "There is no evidence to even believe that God exists, and I certainly cannot believe that there is any validity to the Bi


Addendum: When I wrote this, I thought I was being original with the title. It turns out that the name is in use commercially. Oops! One real company has a product to filter your spam, and uses the "Spam-O-Matic" name . To be clear, I wrote about a product that contributes to the spam problem and is totally different . Sorry for any confusion.  Buon giorno . For years, I've been telling people in person, through e-mail and in my Weblog that they should "clean up" e-mail messages before they forward them. Not only as a courtesy to their readers (we often have to scroll though a load of crap before we finally find the message two thirds of the way down), but to cut down on spamming. "How do personal messages forwarded with e-mails add to spamming, Cowboy Bob?" I knew you couldn't resist asking. Here's a letter that I got from a company, asking me to review a spammer's tool: Dear Bob, May I ask you to write a review for Jet