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A Thought about Evolution

The Most Interesting Man in the World has a comment about evolution to share:

Video: Poll Says Evolution is Not Science

This guy has a unique way of making videos, and I would like to know how he makes them, voice and video, while on a motorcycle. You might want to follow the link to YouTube itself and see the links there. Anyway, notice that leftists are invariably evolutionists. Why is that?

"Gay Rights" Activists, Atheists, Evolutionists and Other Useful Idiots

Some things that are noteworthy in the efforts of the radical leftists to seize power include: Appeal to emotion. The "values" of the leftists are opposed to the majority of the people, but they play up the emotional aspects of "causes" and people support them without thinking; look how leftists tell groups of people that they are oppressed and cannot succeed in life without leftists in power Labels and redefinition. Leftists use labels to provoke emotion (supporters of traditional marriage are labeled with the nonsensical but emotion-laden word "homophobe"), and redefine words to suit their purposes (such as "tolerance" meaning "Everything is okay except Judeo-Christian stuff"). Lack of reason. Someone who is not caught up in the emotional pot-stirring of the leftists can listen to their prominent figures and realize they do not make sense. I saw a picture of homosexuals with a poster outside of a Chick-fil-A restaurant

Strange Searches: St00pid

This is what showed up on my site tracker: I thought that maybe people finally got the message long ago... It shows up in their own search results, and what do they do? Click anyway! And there are plenty of other choices. Take a look at what the Yahoo searcher would see (as well as the Google searcher, I've checked that as well): Click for larger