March 19, 2009

Hey, Britain!

Buon giorno. Although I haven't had Earl Grey tea in a few days (I've been renewing my acquaintance with the Daniels Brothers, Charlie and Jack), I'm disappointed in the American "leadership".

To say that giving back the bust of Winston Churchill (someone that I have personally admired for decades), given to the United States in a gesture of solidarity after the September 11 attacks by murderous cowards is in poor taste is an understatement. Listen, Britain, I didn't vote for the guy that just gave you a rude gesture. Millions of us did not vote for him. And I bet even more are appalled at the rudeness given in the White House to the Prime Minister.

When Tony Blair was the Prime Minister, I sent him a letter. There is a song that is popular here that says, "God bless the USA". And I told him my feeling is, in addition to the USA, "God bless the UK!". So, please don't hold the actions of a weasel that is a closet Muslim, intent on destroying this country, against the real people here. Some of us do have a bit of class.

Great Britain, I thank you for your friendship and support through the years. When we have real leaders, I want this to continue. I want it very much. And I want to visit you again. So, even if the so-called "leader" of the USA is a rude sod, please don't hold that against the rest of us. The people want to be friends. And it's not just because my favourite programmes and musicians are British, that's incidental.

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