June 5, 2009

Western Digital Disaster

Buon giorno. First, I wanted to say that I had a "rodeo visitor" the other day. I call it that because he only lasted eight seconds.

Time for some thunder today, since yours truly is very angry indeed. This has been going on for a while, and now I'm going to let it out.

A few months ago, I purchased a 500 mb "My Book Essential" by Western Digital. (Cowboys usually like westerns, right?) It's an external hard drive that runs through the USB. These are a great idea: Back up your regular hard drive, install a second operating system, store all of that music that you downloaded illegally, store all of that music that you purchased legally, save the scanned photos of your ancestors, hide pictures you don't want your kids to see in an encrypted partition next to the government secrets you're hiding, store whatever you have downloaded or created over the years. I say again that it's a great idea.

It's a great idea until it fails, that is. Then all of your precious work and everything you've collected is not available. The problem is, you were trusting a product to work. You wanted it to be there for a long time, and maybe give some indication that it was nearing the end of its life cycle.

That's what Western Digital did to me. One day, it simply did not come on. Sure, it was getting power. I could tell by the insistent flashing of the light. Following all of the suggestions on their site and also using my own vast experience, I still came up zero.

I lost data. Lots of it. But it could have been worse if I wasn't double-backing with my portable Toshiba hard drive! Yes, some was lost forever. Western Digital has "partners" that will help you recover data from one of these pieces of merda, but the price is very high. If I had lost everything, I may have considered it. Briefly.

"Gosh, Uncle Bob, any company can have a product go bad!"

Do you really think I don't know that? It's why I did my other backup. But the thing that I'm so furious about is their total lack of customer service. These stronzos were sent two e-mails, and they have a promise to get back to you in one business day. They never got back to me at all. (That's when I went out and bought Seagate's "Free Agent" external hard drive. Hope that works better than this one did.) Now dig this: They sent me a customer satisfaction survey! Ohhhhhh, yes, I let them have it in there. But you know those things are a joke, because there was no response.

A few days ago, I went through the process again and really let them have it. I demanded a refund, not an exchange, because I replaced the hard drive. Those cafones never answered, so I'm using my small electronic corner of justice here to expose them and tell people stay away from Western Digital products. They betray your trust, and they do not stand behind their products.

Hal the Hacker wants to use my old hard drive for target practice. Maybe I'll let him, he needs the practice more than Lela, Nicky and the others.

June 3, 2009

Angry Women

First of all, I want to say that there seem to be quite a few people in Arab-type countries that don't seem to like women. They wind up hitting my article called "Man Bad, Woman Good" when they are searching with terms like "bad women" and so forth. I bet they're disappointed!

Anyway, quite a few of my articles come about from discussions that I have. This one happened at bed time. (No, I'm not giving you her name.) And I'm sure that there will be people that get angry with what I say here. It's the truth as I see it.

There are many American women that simply wind up hating men. They get angry and confused.

"Where does the anger and confusion come from, Cowboy Bob?"

Several sources. One of the main sources is the modern femi-Nazi movement. These are leftovers from the "women's liberation" movement that began in the 1960s. On the surface, it was "equal pay for equal work". But the broader (heh!) perspective was based on ideology. Not only was it "men are evil, so let's hate men, sisters", but it was hardcore liberal victimization.

Another source is the liberal media that keeps propagating the hatred for men. The proper term is misandry. You hear about "deadbeat dads", child abuse, domestic violence and so much more. But the truth is very different.

  • Fathers have to pay exorbitant child support payments. Sixty six percent of the "deadbeats" are at or below poverty level, and have to choose between eating and paying.
  • Non-custodial mothers are twenty percent more likely to default on support payments than men.
  • Although there are exceptions, the courts are overwhelmingly biased in favor of women. Not only in divorce and child support, but look what happens when a woman has sex with an underage boy as opposed to when a man has sex with an underage girl: He goes to prison for years, she gets media attention and a slap on the wrist.
  • Spousal abuse and domestic violence against men is very high, but not reported.
  • Violence in lesbian relationships at least at the same level as heterosexual relationships.
  • Women's shelters actually discriminate against boys, and are often simply palaces of liberal propaganda and are not true to their stated purpose.
Just try to find this in the liberal media. It doesn't exist there, only in reality and special sites.

I want to go further. There are some lesbian relationships that I know of personally and have read about. I'm not talking about a fling or experimentation. Rather, it seems to me that many women become bitter and confused, and embrace (heh!) lesbianism because they have had failed heterosexual relationships. So, they take themselves off the market; they want to punish males by making themselves unavailable (in many cases, it's no loss, believe me). Yes, there are some that have made an honest lifestyle choice. (Addendum: And some is simply perversion. Unfortunately, it starts young. Click here.) I'm bothered by the others, however, because they're confused by hatred and propaganda.

Another point to consider is that women enter into those relationships to be shocking, daring or "naughty". Bad motive. You can catch STDs from women, so you're taking a risk just because you want attention.

Perhaps that is why so many lesbian relationships are abusive. They are confused, angry and bitter. They do not really know what they want. When a woman moves from one abusive relationship to another (and I don't care if she's a lesbian or not), serious self-examination is in order. And she is probably in need of a good mental health professional.

Similar to something I have stated before, don't hate me because I'm a man. If you want to hate me, find better reasons.

These are just observations. I do not have much wisdom to offer these women. Well, one thing: Ask yourself what you really want, and be honest with yourself. But blaming and hating men for all of the ills that you have experienced (or imagine that you have experienced) is not hurting the male gender. And it's certainly not realistic, capice?

Addendum: How Feminism Hurts Women

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