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Do You Really Want to Know?

Buon giorno. Less reading, more listening today, too. (I wanted to do an article about Open ID, but that will have to wait.) Rev. Matt Slick of CARM was interviewing Dr. Gary Habermas on his show "Faith and Reason" ( full podcast is here , and quite interesting). One thing that caught my attention supports my own belief about people with certain belief systems that ask questions about God, the Bible, Jesus, Christianity &c. Are the inquiries sincere? Give two minutes and hear what these two apologists have to say:


Buona sera. Since the last couple of articles were rather lengthy, I'm going to keep it short today. Here is a short (1 minute 12 seconds) audio from Charles Stanley. This was at the end of the podcast for October 2, 2010. It's about being a perfectionist, and how that is actually destructive. It's worth a listen:

It's NOT All About YOU!

Buona sera. I intensely dislike indulging trolls, drug users, the criminally insane and other lowlifes. Today, I will make an exception of sorts. Lemme 'splain how this works. This is my Weblog, by the grace of God and the generosity of Google Corporation. I'm willing to entertain some suggestions on content and how I operate the thing, but I do not not consider people's demands. If it makes me a bad man because I don't do things according to your imagined rules, so be it. I believe in Internet safety and privacy (although nothing is completely secret ), and have posted warnings several times on and about Facebook regarding safety and identity theft. We all know that there are nutcases out there, and it seems like common sense to avoid casually using your name, date of birth and other personally identifying items. Some people have said, "I have the courage to use my real name". What, do you want a medal, Zeke? As far as I'm concerned yo

Showing the Foolishness of Atheism

Just a brief note. Recommended reading, take a look at "The Lawman Chronicles" by Tony Miano. He has a common-sense article (plus some fabulous photographs), " Dirty Car Art and the Foolishness of Atheism ". Definitely worth a look.

Do You Think I'm Stupid?

This just in. Yes, you must think I'm stupid. Probably because some people fall for this kind of crap. This has been reported, but I'm going to show the world the kind of thing that they can get in their Inbox. My readers are bright and will not fall for it. Perhaps someone less skilled in the Internet will need and heed the warning from this spammer scammer. By the way, the domains are "HK (Hong Kong), but the headers show China. Admittedly, they can all be faked. Trust no one like this. Here is the letter: Attn! I am writing you again because I presume our first correspondence was not successful. I have a mutual business project to transfer huge amount of money from my bank here to you based on a properly planned out strategy. This fund is deposit by Mr. Irshad Ahmad, Pakistani who died under some incomprehensible circumstances in Afghanistan. I will appreciate if you consider this project objective without any bias or stereotypes. Once we have successfully c