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The Danger of Atheists in Power

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen There are two videos at the end of this article that I urge you to watch. For years, secularists have been actively protecting evolution from serious scrutiny; people are not educated in thinking logically and examining the evidence. (This can be seen and heard from many modern atheists who claim to use "reason", but are unable to do so.) Instead, they are told what to think and not how to think. Evolution is a cornerstone of atheism and other secularist religions. Biblical creationists not only show the flaws in evolution, but also stand on the authority of God's Word instead of making idols out of scientists. In fact, many secularists have elevated science itself to a kind of deity status.  I made this in May 2010, and I'm pleased to see that it has been around. Sometimes, with variations. The new atheo-fascists are capitalizing on these things. Since people "think" with their emotions rather than utilizing the min