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March 13, 2017

Secularists Protect Evolution from Thought

Evolutionists are on the prod again. A bill was proposed in South Dakota that required...what? What was in it that would cause such distress? Maybe if the bill required the teaching of Intelligent Design, or even biblical creation science, and exclude evolution. That'll be the day! Actually, the "problem" with the bill is that it promotes critical thinking instead of blind acceptance of evolution, so flaws in evolutionary speculations should be made known.

Evolution education law
Generated at Glass Giant
The secular science industry has been getting more political nowadays, with a distinct leftist bias. But Machiavellian approaches to evolutionary education have been happening for some time now — it's acceptable to deceive students for the sake of believing evolution. Critical thinking is unacceptable (as is free speech when contrary to leftist causes, atheism, and evolutionary thinking). Unfortunately, true science thrives on critical thinking and challenges, and free speech is also necessary. But atheists and other anti-creationists seek to protect their cult of death from scrutiny, so they unleash Darwin's Flying Monkeys©.
Secular reporters, for the life of them, can’t get their facts right. When it comes to the teaching of evolution, knees jerk, kicking the boilerplate machine into programmed output.

A proposed bill in South Dakota, called an “academic freedom bill” (SB 55) simply says this:
No teacher may be prohibited from helping students understand, analyze, critique, or review in an objective scientific manner the strengths and weaknesses of scientific information presented in courses being taught which are aligned with the content standards established pursuant to § 13–3-48.
Sound fair enough? Not to the secular press. One would think all hell broke loose, and we’re headed back into the dark ages. The story by AP reporters James Nord and Hannah Weikel hit the fan, splattering lies around the world as all the major media echoed it uncritically. The AP gives the impression that sneaky creationists were kicking Darwin out of science class and replacing it with the Bible, God and the dreaded c-word, creationism. Anyone see any of that in the bill’s language?
To read the rest, saddle up and ride over to "Fake News on Education Bills". 

May 30, 2015

Evolution and Other False Salvation Efforts

At first, I didn't have any ideas for something to write for the 8th anniversary of Stormbringer's Thunder. A spam comment at The Question Evolution Project, some podcasts that I heard while working, and ideas came through my mind like stampeding cattle spooked by lightning. —Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Have you ever watched the TV show Restaurant Impossible? Chef Robert Irvine revamps failing restaurants and gives the owners new hope for success. He often has to not only deal with bad management (and frequently, bad food), but attempts to fix relationships as well. Many of the restaurants succeed, but there are quite a few that still fail or get sold. When I watch the show, I get to pondering on how the agreements and plans are akin to New Year's resolutions. The root problem still remains.

People get involved in "12 Steps" recovery programs that have a pretense at Christianity, but actually give a false gospel. We have bad feelings, so a shrink gives us medication to make us feel better. Various cults form so people can have a god that they can cotton to instead of the real God of the Bible. Same with the "seeker driven", Word of Faith "prosperity" heresies, hyper-charismatic excessive emphasis on tongues and use of false prophesies, liberal "Christianity", some seek salvation in religion without the Bible, and other tap dancing on the Bible movements. People even make a religion out of politics. The root problem still remains.

Evolutionists get burrs under their saddles when you mention this, but evolution has a religious nature to it. Just consider this for a spell. Evolution is originally a pagan religion (see discussion and documentation in "Evolution and the New Atheo-Fascism") and a cornerstone for the religion of atheism (and Secular Humanism, which is atheism in its Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes). But evolution can stand on its own as a religion. It has its creation mythology (usually the failed Big Bang hypothesis) and salvation (increasing order and complexity).

There are evolutionists who are evangelistic, seeking to destroy biblical creationism. (Also, many atheists want to destroy the faith of Christians while also justifying their own excuses for rebelling against God. Evolution is their primary shootin' iron.) Indeed, many are on a secularist jihad and ornerier than a burlap bag full of sidewinders. It's almost funny how some of these Darwinistas will call us "liars", "science deniers" (based on the sneaky bait-n-switch fallacy of equivocation, making "evolution" into "science"),  and even "compromisers", even though they have no grasp of the Bible that they disbelieve anyway! Worse for them, creationists often have to correct them on science and their own evolutionism beliefs. The most obstreperous atheopaths prefer to attack people with emotive language and accusations rather than intelligently discuss content, and become furious when their logical, theological, and scientific failings are pointed out.

In the area of origins, there are many compromisers. One of the first names many people think of is Hugh Ross, who uses bad theology and apologetics to deny the recent six-day creation, and he also advocates a local flood. His disciples try desperately to find excuses to avoid scientific evidence that refutes an old-earth view (see the short video, "Dr Mark H Armitage Responds To Dr Hugh Ross on Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones" for one example). Atheists are fond theistic evolutionists, and then old-earthers, since they're closer to atheism and willing to compromise on Scripture. They often work together to ridicule biblical creationists. Hugh Ross is being measured for a big millstone as we speak for denying scriptural authority and helping others do the same.

The spam link mentioned in the first paragraph really takes the rag off the bush. It takes you to a fundamentalist evolutionist site where evolutionism supposed is to stamp out all gods, lead us into an enlightened age, and usher in world peace. For those who want to see this train wreck and maybe count the logical fallacies, see "Evolutions Law". Even so, the root problem remains.

New Age religions offer buffet-style worldviews. It doesn't matter what you believe. A bit of Christianity, add some Hinduism, a heapin' helpin' of opinions (do not add reasoned epistemology, it wrecks the flavor) — and especially evolution. That's mandatory, old son. New Age is "do what you want" and "gay is okay", indulge in your pleasures and still be "spiritual". But the root problem remains.

That root problem is sin, and these things are false salvation efforts — other "gospels", if you will (Galatians 1:8). Any of them can help you feel good about who you are; you don't have to humble yourself before the real God, repent, and believe in Jesus for salvation for your sins. With these false salvation things, make all the decisions you want, have a wagon-load of good intentions, make promises, saddle up your own religion — you're still the same sinful you (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23). 

There are many man-made efforts for salvation. Evolution is one of the biggest, and is a cornerstone for many forms of rebellions against the authority of God's Word.

Back in Eden, the serpent threw aspersions on God's integrity by twisting God's words when asking, "Did God really say...?" (Genesis 3:1), calling God a liar (Genesis 3:4), and lying himself (Genesis 3:5). Man has wanted to be his own god from the beginning of creation, and even tries to pretend that God doesn't exist (Romans 1:20, Psalm 53:1). The religion of evolution helps foolish men build that faulty tower.

When atheists and evolutionists attack God's people for believing and standing on his Word, they are not exactly attacking the Christians, but God himself. Sure, they hate us, but they hate us more because God is in us (2 Timothy 1:14, 1 Corinthians 3:16). They attack us, they attack our Creator. Some call themselves "freethinkers", but they are Satan's hand puppets, under his control (John 8:44) and their eyes are blinded (2 Corinthians 4:4). Their mocking, deceived, blind selves seek to destroy the gospel (especially the message of biblical creation, which is the foundation of the gospel). They want to destroy the truth. God doesn't take kindly to people interfering with his people's understanding of the Bible (Mark 9:42, Revelation 22:18-19, 1 Corinthians 4:6, Proverbs 30:6). Hear that, Dr. Ross, Clinton Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Laurence Krauss, and others?

There is only one true salvation, and that is found in Jesus Christ, God the Son, the creator of the universe. To learn more about this, click on "Good news".

Take a looksee at the parody of Billy Squier's
"The Stroke" by ApologetiX, below.
By the way, the original song was about psychological "strokes", which were often used for manipulation.

May 22, 2013

Atheists, Aliens and Science

I'm going to redirect you to a mult-faceted post.

The first part is about the "ownership" of science. Many atheists strut around as if they invented the thing, and that to be a scientist, you have to be an atheist. Dead wrong, Robert!
Does science belong to Christians and Theists? We (not me, of course, I wasn't born yet) invented the whole modern disciplines of science. Whether genetics or physics or electrical theory or classification of organisms or chemistry or you name it...
You could assert that the ancient Greeks like Archimedes were the first scientists and there is some support for that. However, the axiomatic way of viewing the world proved to be a hindrance to science. Keep in mind that science was always simply a part of the overall concept of philosophy and was not considered separately back in the ancient world.
How does that grab ya? But wait, if you act now, you'll get absolutely free, a bonus post about space aliens! (Are space aliens atheists who do science? Not a chance.) Here's a preview for the second part:
Not that long ago the idea that older (on the evolutionary scale), more technologically advanced (than humans), wiser and benevolent extraterrestrials have visited or are currently visiting the Earth would have seen you carted off to the local psych ward. But not anymore. Popular polls have even suggested that upto 20 million Americans have seen a UFO and that 4 million claim to have been abducted by aliens (see The Fourth Kind our review of the infamous alien abduction movie of the same name). Such ideas have become very mainstream and children in particular are very susceptible and are openly targeted. Many seemingly credible scientists now believe that life on Earth originated from outer space via either directed or undirected panspermia (‘seeds from space’—from the Greek words pas/pan [all] and sperma [seed]). Some very famous scientists have even suggested that our DNA may contain revelation from our alien creators once we are smart enough (like them) to decipher it. Ironically, this makes many of them ‘creationists’ (sort of). It appears that they just don’t want the God of the Bible to be responsible.
You really should fly over and read this material posted by my buddy, Radar. Click this: "A GREAT LINK, then...Ancient Knowledge, not Ancient Aliens...We are saved by JC, not ET!!!"

February 2, 2013

Atheism Video: "Zeitgeist - Exposing the Lie"

Atheists are appalling at doing their homework. A typical example is when someone sent me a "Tweet" on Twitter insisting that Jesus never existed, and that Christianity is a rehash of older mythologies. Intellectual lightweights like this get their false information from other intellectual lightweights in pooling of ignorance sites. These are where other misotheists dig up excuses to attack God, Christianity, the Bible, Christians themselves and so forth.

Perhaps they think that if they act like they have real knowledge, Christians will collapse and give up their faith in God under the power of the mighty atheist (who is lying). If they had bothered to do actual research instead of relying on people who use the profound academic principle called "Making Stuff Up", they wouldn't be humiliating themselves.

In addition to sharing bad information with like-minded fools, they love to watch videos. After all, if it's in a video and it agrees with their preconceptions, it must be true! One of the most popular videos in the "Bucket-Full-O-Lies" category is Zeitgeist. This infected beast has been put down several times before. But for those of you who didn't get the memo, here is a ten-minute video that cites real information, and not the outright lies of Zeitgeist.

January 29, 2013

Evolution, the Welfare Pseudoscience

Did I mention that "Question Evolution Day" is February 12?

Know how government can save billions of dollars? Stop funding religious pseudoscience. Of course, I am talking about evolutionism. It is based on fraud and the pursuit of money, and is a complete waste because there is no practical benefit in it.
As the American people faced a "fiscal cliff" dilemma forcing action on monetary policies which could raise taxes and cut government spending this may be as good a time as any to discuss one of the ways the US government could save vast amounts of money while also cutting suicide rates and increasing the collective American intelligence quotient.
The "theory" of evolution has become the stand-alone hypothesis for how man came into being by the "scientific" community in the western world, but is this real science or is something more sinister afoot? 
Richard Dawkins, arguably the world's most renowned apologist for the worldview of Atheism, once said "I would not be an atheist were it not for the theory of evolution because the theory of evolution is what drives modern atheism". It does seem, now more than ever, that by using fraud and bigotry the atheists are seeking to destroy the faith of an entire generation.
Do you have the nerve to keep reading "The 'Welfare Science' Enigma! Theory of Evolution Based Entirely on Fraud and Bigotry"? Go ahead, if you're not afraid of the truth.

January 20, 2013

Video: The Conundrum of Evolution and Design Dynamics

Another short video to turn up the heat before Question Evolution Day! This one includes the obfuscation of biased sites like Wikipedia in order to protect evolutionism.

January 4, 2013

Liars, Libelers and Censors, OH MY!

Excuse me while I think out loud. There are some things I've heard, and observations I've made, that need to be put together.

There are some people in the music industry that will have outrageous and often obscene lyrics. These are often accompanied by antics on stage that sensible people don't want their kids to see. When it was suggested that warning labels should be put on certain recordings, some recording artists howled about "censorship" (even though they still record the same nasty lyrics). Sometimes, they would go on crusades against "censorship". 

Chris Plante was commenting on how those on the left have disdain for people who think differently from them, think those people should be controlled, and that they're the ones to do it.

I've noticed the same thing about many modern atheists. They are very controlling, and want to usher Stalin's vision of a secular state through any means possible. Although these atheopaths are held in contempt by most of civilization and their numbers are dwindling, they are shrill and furious. Not intellectually fast, just furious.

They assume that they have the "right" to turn every inch of the Internet into their litter box. When they are denied the rights that they never really had, they use all sorts of emotional buzz words in their manipulative attempts to get their way. Cries of "Liar! Censorship! Coward! I'm smarter than you!" and childish insults are expected. And we are not disappointed, because people like that are so predictable.

Text from actual response to libelous hit piece about me
This also illustrates their hypocrisy. They scream about their imagined "rights", but have nothing but contempt for the actual rights of others. Misotheists want to control people, and hate our rights to have freedom of speech and freedom of thought, or even to be left alone. When we tell the truth about their intellectual and moral failings, when we show the flaws in evolutionism, we are called "liars" and "censors". In doing this, they show their inability to grasp morality, honesty, integrity, science, logic or anything of importance. And we know full well that they are the censors.

By attacking us, they show their own failings and gain further contempt from sensible people. How good is that?

One thing that the aforementioned "musicians" have in common with the atheopaths (well, two things, if you count that both are usually leftists) is the unwillingness to grasp the fact that people have the right to set standards. You cannot threaten to kill someone, you cannot fornicate in the street in most places, you cannot shoot at the Kingston Police Department building, you cannot shout "Fire!" in a crowded cinema, and so on. If what some people want to do is unwanted or unfit by the people, they should seriously think about obeying the laws and respecting the rights of others. While some of us have rights, that is.

And people like that are wanting to remove our rights through bullying, force, activist judges and so on. (At least, misotheists are not in political power yet, and they cannot tax us.) After all, modern Internet atheists and pr0n merchant "musicians" have no respect for the majority who have differing views. Because those of us who actually think for ourselves are dangerous to them.

October 16, 2012

From the Irony Board

Wish I had thought of this! Found the picture in a group on Facebook, posted it at "The Question Evolution Project". One clever lad commented, "Nyerony". Ha! There are still some challenges for Bill "I'm not a scientist, I just play one on TV" Nye. Are you going to stand up to Georgia Purdom and take the debate challenge? Second, can you give one invention, one piece of technology, that required its inventor to believe in evolution?

July 1, 2012

Atheist Propaganda for the Young

Heating It Up for Atheism in July continues with a review of the propaganda piece aimed at children by Richard "Daffy" Dawkins called The Magic of Reality. As usual, his misotheistic material is aimed at undermining the faith of people by using straw man fallacies, arbitrary assertions and appeals to emotion. Read between the lines: "Don't trust your parents, kids! If they deny evolution, they're lying! Come to me, I have the truth." Propagandist.
Richard Dawkins’ latest book, The Magic of Reality (MOR), is quite unlike his previous works, not least because he would like children to read it. Certainly, there is little doubt that the colourful, eye-catching artwork of his collaborator and illustrator Dave McKean has enhanced its accessibility and considerably extended its reach. So, what kind of book is it? It’s a well-written, engaging, wide-ranging romp through all sorts of interesting questions about life and science. But, to borrow the words of nineteenth-century geologist Adam Sedgwick,

    “From first to last it is a dish of rank materialism cleverly cooked up … . And why is this done? For no other reason, I am sure, except to make us independent of a Creator."

Others have reached a similar conclusion.
Read the rest of "A review of The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins", here.

June 10, 2012

Further Signs of the Decline of Atheism

Buon giorno. An atheist brazenly claimed, "Atheism is the fastest growing religion in the world". Was it ignorance, dishonesty, wishful thinking...? Actually, atheism is declining, and Christianity is increasing [1, 2]. An essay on "Ten Reasons Why American Atheism Will See a Significant Decline" is here. America is seeing an increase in Biblical creationism, despite the efforts of militant atheists, secularists and activist judges. You can't stop the truth forever, capice? I'm glad The Question Evolution Project is a part of this!

Even more annoying for Darwinists and atheists is that this is becoming a bad year for their religions.
4 important questions every Darwinist and atheist/agnostic must answer:

Is the young earth creationist organization Creation Ministries International and its Question Evolution! Campaign with its 15 questions for evolutionists on the rise and poised for tremendous growth?

Are evolutionists and atheists weak, complacent and in decline? Will the decline continue and accelerate?

Is global Darwinism/atheism/agnosticism on the decline and will it effect North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand?

What do the supporters of the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists want to do to keep the momentum going and help America achieve a creationist majority in America and eventual complete victory over Darwinism?
Read the rest of "Creation Ministries International is on the rise, evolutionary belief and atheism is NOT!", here, Hector. The evolutionary and atheistic worldviews are being dismantled. That leaves a void in someone's life. I can tell you about the way to fill that void, here.

February 28, 2012

Dawkins Disappoints His Master

Modern "science" (read: religious philosophies of evolutionism conflated to mean "science" and confuse people) is becoming a religion in its own right. Think about it. People rely on science to solve all their problems. After all true (observational and applied) science does exactly that, and gives people hope for a better future.

Richard "Daffy" Dawkins has been a pope of scientism, preaching the anti-gospel of evolutionism. This hardcore atheist believes that God does not exist, then conveniently hates him anyway. Playing off people's anger, confusion and bigotry is a great way to sell books, innit, Ricky? But that agnosticism crack is displeasing to his master.

Do you know how to make a scientist mad?  Try this some time.  Go up to a scientist and say that you believe the natural evidence of creation supports a scientific inference of a creator.  That is, explain that the abundant evidence of design in the universe and the world around you naturally leads you to believe there might be an intelligent designer.  Unless you happen to find one who practices the scientific method objectively, you will succeed in provoking the wrath of certainty from a dogmatic person who will lecture you on the difference between “science” and “religion”.

You will, in fact, create a mad scientist.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Oh, my servants, let me tell you one of my greatest kingdom secrets.  I’ve succeeded in making “science” the new world religion by carefully cultivating the discipline of science and the persona of scientists as being “objective” arbiters of truth.  Bias free, contemplating, rational minds inside humble bodies supporting white lab coats, dutifully doling out truth to the masses.
Read the rest of  "Atheists Make for Mad Scientists" here. Ha ha ha ha ha.

November 30, 2011

How Evolution Makes Tyrants

Buon giorno. I have a post up at Piltdown Superman that is not scientific, but more philosophical. You can read that here.

June 11, 2011

DNA is the Evolutionist's Worst Nightmare

For more information that evolutionists do not want to face, check out my Creation Science site, "Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman".

Evolutionary Truth

Piltdown Man was a fraud. Why not, if it advances "science"?

Buona sera. I wanted to tell you that my newer Weblog, "Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman", will be more active. It contains links to articles against the "fact" of evolution, and also to material supporting Intelligent Design and Creation Science.

Evolutionists give only one side of the story and suppress contrary evidence. Presenting only evolutionism is not science, it is brainwashing. There are scientists who disagree with the mainstream interpretation of the facts.

By the way, some people are incapable of differentiating (I know, Uncle Bob's using big words again, look them up) between differences of opinion and lies. People like that will not even begin to understand the material presented there, so they may as well stay home and play Solitaire.

I will write an occasional article, but most of the work will be done by other people. Oh, and I will not be taking comments over there because I am too busy to deal with yet another Weblog, and I have to draw the line somewhere, capice?

November 18, 2010

Another "I Told You So!"

"Evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion—a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality... Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today."
— Michael Ruse, anti-Creationist philosopher


June 19, 2008

More Monkey Business

Still waiting for news on the Tibetan protests for yesterday and today. The Chinese changed the route of the Olympic torch, and the timing, and kept it secret. If it's so much hassle, why bother? It's only a part of the Olympics since Hitler's 1936 games in Berlin. Hey, you ChiComs have a lot in common with Der Fűhrer, huh? Stronzos.

OK, so this guy sends me a comment that is longer than the original "Monkey Business" post. Right. Like I'm going to get into an essay war with someone and bore all of you to tears. Hal the Hacker wanted to send him a "personal message" that would show up on his computer, but I don't want him to stop trying to put that virus in the CCP computers in Beijing. Nicky says, "Fuggedaboudit" — after all, he must have ignored the warning that I am right. Instead, I'll just go on a bit more. But I won't get into all the deep science that I used to study. You and I have better things to do. So get ready, Cowboy Bob is going to let loose.

Term clarification: Evolution, in this sense, is marco evolution. (No, Tommy, it's not pasta. Sheesh, what a cafone.) The big stuff, the major changes, is macro evolution. New life forms and all that. Micro evolution, on the other hand, is something that we do see happening. It's in various animal breeds, f'rinstance.

One bit in that comment was that "we see evolution happening every day". The hell we do. Some scientists have abandoned gradual evolution because there's no evidence for it, so they say it happened very fast. So, it's either too slow that you can't see it, or it's too fast and you missed it (thanks, Ken Ham). That's just a cop-out.

He mentioned bacteria. Who cares about friggin' bacteria? Even if there is change, guess what? It's micro, not macro. Bacteria is still bacteria, capice? And it's still a very simple life form. Further, if you did see actual, genuine evolution, guess what? It still doesn't mean that it happened in the past, especially on such a wide scale as to manufacture all life on earth.

One other thing he argued with me about is that "atheists aren't happy that evolution is a substitute for God". Read up on history and the reaction to Papa Darwin, Cupcake. People were looking for a "rational" excuse for their existing disbelief.

A third thing that this guy didn't like about my last post is my belief that, if evolution is a law of the universe, there would be less diversity. He said that there would be more diversity, like what we see. Ummm...sorry, Pal. That's an off-the-wall opinion, nothing more.

For me, my learning, training, observations and just plain common sense still say that the universe was created and didn't happen by chance.

OK, play time is over. It's my turn to drive the guys over to the club. Ciao!

June 18, 2008

Some Monkey Business

Buona sera. While I'm waiting for the reports to come in for the Global Day of Action for Tibet (June 18, 2008), I'll tell you about a discussion the boys and I were having. We have a spectrum here. One guy believes in Creation Science or Intelligent Design on faith, without science. Another is pretty much hardcore in the pseudoscience of evolutionism (yeah, I know, big words again) and believes that materialism explains everything. Another thinks that God used evolution to create life on this planet, and that Genesis is only an allegory. (Of course, where it stops being allegory and starts being history is a question he can't answer.) As you see, the use of the term "evolution" in this case is the "general theory" of the origin of life.

As for me, I believed in evolution because of the way it's presented: It happened, and that's all there is to it. Everywhere you go, everything you read or hear, whenever origins of life are discussed, evolution is presented as an unassailable fact. Well, I listened to some Creationist speakers, read their material — and asked my own questions. So, I rejected evolutionism (it's a belief system, you see) on scientific grounds and credibility. Now the boys want me to explain myself in writing about the "credibility" part. I'd normally tell them to shut up and get back to work, but this is something I wanted to get into anyway.

Credibility is something that presents itself as believable. Does it make sense? When someone constantly tells lies, they are no longer credible, and you can't trust them. When something is presented with reason, logic, examples and proof, it becomes credible and you believe it. Part of what happens is that you mix in your own learning, thinking and experiences, and then decide if you can believe something or someone.

Evolution is presented as a fact. (This is interesting because the arrogant atheist jumps on the chance to disbelieve in a creator and still have an explanation for the existence of life.) More than this, it's presented as a law of the universe. There is a book called The Wisdom of Evolution. I haven't bothered to waste the time to read it, but the title fits in with the way so many people who are brainwashed into the evolutionism belief system will act: Evolution itself becomes a conscious entity; evolution is a substitute for God!

"Look how evolution equipped the gorilla...evolution gradually gave this animal the ability..." and so on, and so on. Not only is it an intelligent force for these people, but, in their faith, they accept it as fact.

Well, my knowledge of laws of the universe is that a law always acts the same way. For instance, when you drop a rock, it always falls down. It doesn't stay put or fall sideways unless there's some unusual circumstance that actively affects it. Capice?

When you look at nature, you see diversity. If evolution was a law of nature, there would be a heckuva lot more consistency. Different animals have different ways of coping or adapting. Some have fantastic eyesight, some detect vibrations, some have tremendous hearing while others are stone deaf.

I think that the Creator also has a sense of humor. The Duck-billed Platypus is hard to classify, so scientists called it a monotreme. It lays eggs, swims, detects electrical impulses, gives milk like a mammal, burrows in the ground — that's one weird beastie!

I have to shorten this up, but you get the jist of it. When I look around, I see holes in evolutionism and plenty of support for Intelligent Design. To believe in evolutionism, I have to suspend my disbelief, my common sense, my learning and my thinking ability. Sorry, guys, I can't accept your faith in the fake god of evolutionism. It's just not consistent. And very inefficient.

My own faith is based on reason and the ability to think, despite what evolutionists claim about it. Now, you can use your own thinking abilities and common sense. Ask questions of the established evolutionary orthodoxy, do research and get the Creationist side of the story. 

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