January 29, 2013

Evolution, the Welfare Pseudoscience

Did I mention that "Question Evolution Day" is February 12?

Know how government can save billions of dollars? Stop funding religious pseudoscience. Of course, I am talking about evolutionism. It is based on fraud and the pursuit of money, and is a complete waste because there is no practical benefit in it.
As the American people faced a "fiscal cliff" dilemma forcing action on monetary policies which could raise taxes and cut government spending this may be as good a time as any to discuss one of the ways the US government could save vast amounts of money while also cutting suicide rates and increasing the collective American intelligence quotient.
The "theory" of evolution has become the stand-alone hypothesis for how man came into being by the "scientific" community in the western world, but is this real science or is something more sinister afoot? 
Richard Dawkins, arguably the world's most renowned apologist for the worldview of Atheism, once said "I would not be an atheist were it not for the theory of evolution because the theory of evolution is what drives modern atheism". It does seem, now more than ever, that by using fraud and bigotry the atheists are seeking to destroy the faith of an entire generation.
Do you have the nerve to keep reading "The 'Welfare Science' Enigma! Theory of Evolution Based Entirely on Fraud and Bigotry"? Go ahead, if you're not afraid of the truth.

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