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Laws of Thermodynamics and Hate

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Don't be getting ahead of me, the Laws of Thermodynamics (especially entropy) should  have nothing to do with hate per se,  and hate should not  involve laws of science. When you get atheists wanting to slap leather with biblical creationists, however, their blind hate and seething rage prompts them to use science for leverage in their quest for the ideological supremacy of materialism and the promotion of their death cult of evolutionism. Credit: Freeimages / Peter Skadberg There was a recent article by Creation Ministries International  where creationist engineer Colin Gibson was interviewed about his faith journey. As a child, he was not taught the Christian faith effectively. When he was confronted by evolutionary propaganda, he believed that the State school was being truthful, and rejected Christianity for the most part. Still, Gibson had "nagging doubts" about evolutionary adaptation. When he heard creationary speaker Carl Wieland