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Atheism and Mass Murders

Something that modern obstreperous atheists utterly detest is when we tell the truth about their religion; it is intellectually, morally and spiritually bankrupt. Their predictable response is to get offended, attack the person, and then show their double standards by ridiculing Christianity. Anyway. Whenever we point out that atheist political leaders are guilty of the greatest numbers of mass murders in history , we get hit with a kind of " No True Atheist " fallacy. (While atheists try to "give" Hitler to Christianity, which is easily disproved despite their constant assertions, I do not buy attempts to "give" him to atheists, either. He was a nutty occultist who used religion for his own ends.) The excuse for the actions of atheist mass murderers is that the regimes are driven by political ideology. So, it's just a coincidence that the greatest mass murderers in history were predominantly atheist? I think not. Especially since atheism has no

Weak Minds in Adult Bodies

My activities in creation science, theology, apologetics and also politics have given me some interesting experiences. And, I think, insights. Back in my "away time", when I had rudely put God on the shelf for about fifteen years, I was involved in the "Save Tibet" movement. It was alarming how my online arguments with ChiComs paralleled talking to American liberals. Years later, I noticed how liberals are driven by emotion rather than logic. As Chris Plante says, "It's like chasing a squirrel around the back yard with a tennis racket". But I noticed the same thing with atheists, cultists, fundamentalist evolutionists, Bible compromisers and people who hold to aberrant theology. They appeal to emotion when they are losing the discussion (especially resorting to ridicule). And then the logical fallacies go into high gear. (I saw this the other day when I pointed out to a Ron Paul supporter that he was acting just like an Obama supporter.) Although a