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Can Secular Science Peer Review be Repaired?

There are people who consider peer review as the gold standard in science, and it is somehow a guarantee of truth. Not hardly! As we have seen, the secular science industry is becoming increasingly biased and involved in leftist political activism . Add to this the fact that their peer review process discriminates against creationists, has numerous retractions, passes junk (including computer-generated papers ), and is pretty much a good ol' boys' club. Their image has a bad complexion , and some scientists are calling for major changes. Made at , then modified with colors Unfortunately, the sidewinders in charge want to circle the wagons and maintain the status quo. They don't want transparency and accountability. Others want to improve ethical standards. Wait, what? People who reject the Creator and his Word have no consistent moral standard are going to decide what is right and wrong? Scientists are people, complete with presuppositions, knavery, a