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Logic Lessons: Conclusion and Resources

So many logical fallacies, so little time... In this series, I gave particular emphasis to some of the most frequent logical fallacies that I have encountered from atheists and leftists. There are quite a few, and some are even being "invented", but they are variations on a theme and fit into broader categories. I don't believe that there's a need to learn each and every fallacy by name. By the way, I suggest caution instead of tactlessly naming someone's logical fallacy during a friendly discussion. Especially when discussing Immanuel Kant while shooting a game of billiards at a biker bar. You'll probably look pretentious. But if someone is being a condescending jerk, go for it. Not at the biker bar, though. Yes, this happens! Like the guy who cries, "Libel!" while committing (documented) libel himself. Some fallacies are the monstrous illegitimate offspring of other fallacies. That is, they can be blended and compounded. There have