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Anti-Christian Bigotry News

Amazing. America was founded on Christian values (don't let the revisionist liars fool you). But some who want to follow in Stalin's footsteps and make this country an entirely secular nation ignore that fact. No, it appears that they want to remove the rights of Christians, or at least, force us to keep our beliefs to ourselves. Why don't those contemptible clowns realize that the United States Supreme Court has references to the Ten Commandments all over their building? Listen up, Poindexter, the so-called "separation of church and state" is not only something that is not found in the Constitution, you and your disbeliever friends have never had anything to fear from the Judeo-Christian ethic being expressed in public. I still think back to what Brad Stine says: Atheists are irrational. What is more irrational, someone praying to a God that he cannot see, or someone being "offended" by a God he doesn't even believe exists? But I digress. Let

I Have It Figured Out

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