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October 18, 2015

Unhappy Halloween

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

In my younger days, I was excited about Halloween. Not just going door-to-door and getting candy from neighbors who were pressured into giving it out (although some liked doing it), but doing scary stuff and wanting people to be frightened by my lame costume. (Big scare, people are expecting diminutive people to show up in costumes on that day.) My mother made me take down the decorations I had up in my room.

As I grew older, I put aside those things and realized that I hate fear, and am not a fan of Halloween. Isn't there enough death, fear and evil in the world without celebrating it? Yes, I realize that some people believe it's a way of coping with the fear of death and fear of the unknown. There were tasteless jokes made about the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and of the space shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986 that I regret ever hearing, and I was told those were coping mechanisms. I don't buy it.

I don't get into horror movies (the Saw series and others have been called "torture porn"), but never mind about that now.

Halloween gets more graphic and occult every year. Some people removed their extreme yard decorations, then blamed other people for their foolishness

Halloween is a big money maker, and this 2014 article in The Atlantic tells us that although it's not one of the top retail holidays, Americans spend billions of dollars on costumes (including for their pets), decorations, candy, and so on.

Things get more intense every years, it seems. Some sidewinders had an exceptionally graphic, realistic and offensive yard display, including the image of someone crucified upside down, and other startling images. I'm going to send you to a site with a video from a news broadcast, but be forewarned, this is not for the young 'uns or people with delicate sensibilities. Click here for the site, and if the video doesn't work for you, an alternate with the images is here. These people had no regard that they were near an elementary school or that the neighbors didn't cotton to the displays. Instead, they took them down out of fear for their own safety, what with people standing in their yard in the middle of the night and such.

What did they expect? Those of us with a Christian worldview and some knowledge know that this kind of thing attracts people with demonic influence, the mentally disturbed, and the genuinely curious. The woman in the video actually played the victim card, and placed blame on other people. Hey, lady! Here's your sign!

Halloween is a day with pagan occult origins (see "Halloween History and the Bible" and "Are Ghosts Real?" It cannot be Christianized with the real meaning forgotten, and it is a major holiday for Satanists.  Can Christians celebrate or participate? Although I don't, they do have their freedom in Christ, but should stay away from the occult aspects. Those of you who say, "Absolutely not! Jesus didn't tell us to celebrate it or any other holiday", don't get legalistic on me with your disunderstanding of the Bible, you savvy? We'll ride our trail, and they'll ride theirs.

December 28, 2010

Evil God of the Old Testament

Buona sera. My father was a pastor. He was not very fond of enthusiastic people forming Bible study groups without some form of leadership or guidance. His response was, "A pooling of ignorance". I saw later that it was true to some extent. When you have people sharing thoughts but nobody has studied the subject or had a study guide, people can arrive at completely wrong ideas through a type of democratic process. (I am not advocating the other extreme, that you cannot understand anything without approved leadership, otherwise we should all become Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses and be told what to think.) Some degree of knowledgeable leadership can help.

The same pooling of ignorance happens in atheist circles. Recently, I have been reminded of the "Old Testament God is evil" mindset. How did they get their ideas? Certainly not through researching or consulting experts, which would be imperative with such a serious claim. Referring to Richard "Daffy" Dawkins, a bad philosopher who is "woefully ill-suited for engaging in real philosophy beyond preaching to an atheist pep rally" won't help. The atheist philosophers seem to be more of a "me, too!" crowd, agreeing with each other's mockery and indulging in self-congratulations.

So, if there are readers who actually want to learn something (and do not have their minds already made up, evidence not withstanding), I have some things that intellectually honest people should examine. They are not huge amounts of reading, I do not want to scare you off with too much material. But if you really want to know the truth about the straw man argument that "the Old Testament God is evil", you should look at them, capice?

No, I do not fully endorse everything in each article. I respect people enough to at least be able to get something useful from them, however. Those ought to hold you for a while.

June 9, 2009

Blame God

Buona sera. Today's rant is a bit different. It's from the heart (I do have one despite what my ex will tell you), there are no hard facts — but some reasoning.

Lemme 'splain, Lucy. I'm going to connect my conclusions with my observations, and I'm going to show a bit of "two can play at that game".

Due to circumstances that I will not discuss, I had to watch some of a soap opera. (To be politically correct, "daytime drama". To be honest, "waste of time".) But I have to give some credit to the actors, actresses, writers and director because the cast was doing quite well in looking like the infant on the show really was in imminent danger of dying from a virulent disease. I almost wanted to reach out and comfort the sobbing babes.

One scene set off a mental chain reaction for me. She was in a hospital chapel and saying to God, "Is this what you want? What are you doing? Spare the child" and that sort of thing. Well, that sort of reaction has bothered me for years. I cannot believe in, and I do not find Scriptural support for, the idea that God causes illnesses to teach you, or someone else, a lesson. Perhaps that can be inferred in the Bible with some isolated cases, but it's not a general rule.

I'm going to interject that people say some amazingly stupid things when a child dies. They want to be comforting, and sometimes they want to look like they're full of wisdom. Yes, I can get along with "He's in a better place". Stuff like "God wanted one more angel, so he took your baby up to Heaven..." I have to walk away! Besides, angels are not dead people, capice?

Now I'm going to tie this in with a conversation I had with Tommy the Knocker. The conversation was more civil that it looks on the screen, and he was playing Devil's Advocate to help give me a mental workout. And no, I'm not going to pretend that I have all the answers. But I do have some of the answers, and also offer alternatives to what some people say. No way am I going to make this an extended theological treatise!

TK: If God made everything, why is there death and disease?

Me: Everything was perfect at first. There were physical consequences to the sin of Adam and Eve. That "free will" thing has a lot of responsibility. We are the created beings, we cannot fully understand the creator.

TK: People want God to stop the suffering because he's supposed to be all-powerful and all-loving. That's why the woman in the show was crying and praying that way.

Me: We make demands of the creator of the universe and expect him to be a cosmic Santa Claus; if we don't get everything we want, the way we want it, when we want it, we think he doesn't care or isn't even real.

TK: If there was a God, he could stop all illness, war, evil and all that. So there must not be a God.

Me: You can also say that the results of (blank) election prove that there is no God. It's always amazed me that people want to blame God or assume he's not real. But the facts also add up the other way: The existence of all the evils that you see in the world are evidence that there is a Satan and his minions. The Bible tells about him, too, you know. And I think the existence of Satan should be obvious if someone bothers to think.

TK: Give another answer for evil in the world adding up to belief in "no God".

Me: People with this narrow view forget all the good that has happened, even in our daily lives. Little things count, and there are big things...ever hear of St. Jude's Children's Hospital? World Vision? Samaritan's Purse? Good old Salvation Army? Bright Hope International? Church specific, denomination specific on the local level? Or other research and medical outfits? Those were started by Christians. "You know them by their fruits", and Christians have been doing good for others for centuries. Sure, there are Jewish organizations as well, I don't want to claim a monopoly. But I don't know of Muslims doing anything for those outside of their religion. Hey, have you ever known of an atheist organization that did anything for anyone? Maybe atheists are good people, but they don't have history on their side for doing good deeds.

OK, that's enough. My point is that the "evil in the world" is a biased world view, and there is plenty of evidence for people doing good in God's name. Evil does not rule. Yes, there is suffering and sickness. We try to overcome it, and I believe that God inspires people to discover cures and advances in medicine. But remember, the created cannot fully understand the creator. No, it's not a cop-out, it's the truth.

Back to the usual snarkiness and sarcasm later.

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