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Stephen Hawking Nonsense

Matt Slick of CARM shows the complete collapse of Stephen Hawking's "logic". About ten minutes. Broadcast from September 2, 2010. If the embedded player does not work for you, the podcast MP3 is here . Fortunately, the discussion is at the beginning of the hour where it's easy to find.

Proven Right Again!

Buona sera . With Nicky and Lela both on assignment, I have to do extra work, so this article and the next one will be short. In this article , I showed how weasels manage to confuse the issues by, among other things, selective citing. Well, there is something I need to bring out. Again. (sigh) Ernie the Gambler reported that one of my pet trolls who never leaves Mommie's basement has been maligning me again. She's all worked up because I pranked the atheist trolls with temporary faked posts. "Why did you fake posts, Cowboy Bob?" As a payback prank. Try to keep up. I messed with the juveniles, and then took the posts down. Miss Wants Me has no life, and is obsessed with posting about me , a mere individual. So, I'll point out to her and her tiny cadre of followers (how you can follow someone when you don't leave your basement, I'll never know), once again, the facts of the matter. Hopefully, it will go down the drain. Nah. They're hateful, obsesse

Time Wasters: Obfuscation

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull." — attributed to W.C. Fields Buona sera. Yes, I know that several of my "Time Wasters" articles are similar in nature because they deal with arguments, but discussion is a part of life. Especially on the Internet. And I wanted to warn people about the methods that some miscreants use to make discussion into a miserable chore instead of a potentially exciting exchange of ideas. Taking out of context. Context is king, especially in biblical discussions. But it is easy to take things out of context when discussing politics and other potentially volatile topics. Deliberately misunderstanding. This happens a great deal when talking with obstreperous Internet atheists (and atheists pretending to be agnostics). Ray Comfort has to deal with a great deal of that codswallop ("Ray Comfort, not only a racist and a pervert but homophobic too!", "'How foolish is it to