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Does Mental Illness Cause Atheism?

On a broadcast of Evidence for Faith , Keith and Kirk discussed a study from the Psychology Department at the University of British Columbia called " Mentalizing Deficits Constrain Belief in a Personal God ". It shows that people with a tendency toward mental disorders, especially autism, are more likely to be disbelievers. The more severe the autism, the stronger the disbelief. Several projects attempt to determine the causes of atheism. There is probably no single cause, however.  Most atheists appear to be Caucasian adolescent males (which is not a surprise, considering the complaints of sexual harassment from the less numerous atheist females) A majority of atheists seem to have had bad or nonexistent relationships with their fathers A desire for attention Sociopath behavior (especially trolling, personal attacks, unhealthy amounts of time on the Internet in efforts to antagonize Christians) Further, it is seen in their irrational insistence on asserting t

Astonishing Atheist Arrogance and Hypocrisy

Thank God that atheism and evolutionism are dying off ! Unfortunately, the moldering corpse of atheism is still walking around, preaching the false gospel of evolutionism and making a general nuisance of itself. After that appetizing introduction, I am pleased to announce that part of this article is about food. Sorta. Atheists can't seem to understand why most people do not like or trust them. Would obnoxiousness have anything to do with it? I think so. It seems to make sense that if you choose to offend large segments of the population ( usually through misrepresentation ), it would reinforce public opinion that they are cafones. Of course, the typical rebuttal of atheists when someone tells the truth about them is a petty, "You're a bad man so everything you say is a lie and therefore there is no God" nonsense. Small minds attack people instead of dealing with concepts. Hate and persecution take many forms. But wait, there's more! Food, remembe

I Got Your "Extraordinary Evidence" Right Here, Pal!

While listening to the August 12, 2012 podcast of " Stand to Reason " with Greg Koukl, I heard something that I could not only use, but fit in quite will with my intellectual and spiritual development. I was pounding the desk and shouting out, "Yeah!". Then I realized that all my co-workers were staring at me. Then I further realized that my outburst only happened in my mind, so everything was fine. Anyway. Greg was going on about the withered old canard, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" (popularized by Carl Sagan, a variation on a quote from Laplace, also a variation on a similar quote from Hume). There was something about that saying that struck me about its wrongness, but I did not know why. All I knew was that it was rubbish. Then Greg pointed out that there is substantial arbitrariness to that remark. The speaker demands that you please him or her with the evidence. You can listen to the part of the show that got me all agitat

Biochemist: From Atheism to Biblical Creationism

stock.xchng “Christianity is the foundation of modern science and explains why we can do science: a rational God created a rational man in his own image so that he is able to understand the creation with his mind. Indeed, the Creator Jesus Christ is called the Logos (Λόγος John 1:1–3), and makes sense of this orderly universe and complexity of life. Those believing in a naturalistic explanation for the origin of life are the ones with a blind faith.” — Dr. Matti Leisola Dr. Leisola was an evolutionist and an atheist. He studied enzymes, amino acids and DNA. After being confronted with the realities of the Christian worldview, he did some serious thinking. He found that evolution does not have a solid foundation, and a naturalistic worldview requires blind faith. Dr Matti Leisola obtained his D.Sc. (Tech) in biotechnology from the Helsinki (Finland’s capital) University of Technology in 1979. His extensive career includes winning the Latsis Prize for a significant young res

Mock a Holy Book and See What Happens

Despite their claims to "lack belief" in God, skeptics (that is, hate-filled mockers) will troll and attack anything Christian because they know what the Bible teaches about how Christians are supposed to respond to our enemies. These blatant hypocrites do not dare to give Mohammedans the same treatment, probably out of fear for their lives. Mock Mohammed, burn a Koran , and people die. And yet, Western governments keep on coddling the "religion of peace" instead of taking action and telling them to act like the civilized people that they pretend to be. But I'm digressing a bit. Contrast the fear of violence from Islam for almost any slight, large or small, real or imagined, with Christianity. Although dishonest misotheists portray us as unkind when we stand up to their bullying, there is no reasonable assumption that their lives are in danger from us. So, they mock. A play called " The Bible — The Complete Word of God (Abridged) " is a flat-out