August 19, 2012

Mock a Holy Book and See What Happens

Despite their claims to "lack belief" in God, skeptics (that is, hate-filled mockers) will troll and attack anything Christian because they know what the Bible teaches about how Christians are supposed to respond to our enemies. These blatant hypocrites do not dare to give Mohammedans the same treatment, probably out of fear for their lives. Mock Mohammed, burn a Koran, and people die.

And yet, Western governments keep on coddling the "religion of peace" instead of taking action and telling them to act like the civilized people that they pretend to be.

But I'm digressing a bit.

Contrast the fear of violence from Islam for almost any slight, large or small, real or imagined, with Christianity. Although dishonest misotheists portray us as unkind when we stand up to their bullying, there is no reasonable assumption that their lives are in danger from us.

So, they mock.

A play called "The Bible — The Complete Word of God (Abridged)" is a flat-out mockery of the Bible. (They pompously pretend it's in the spirit of "Life of Brian", but that movie did not set out to mock anyone.) Although we protest and make our objections known, scoffers know that we are not going to behead them on television or murder the performers and producers. They take advantage of us and what the Bible teaches. But they choose to forget that there is a God, and there will be a payback time — from him.


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