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Losing Trust

Buon giorno. I have talked to you about gaining and building trust . Today, I'm going to go in the opposite direction: How we lose trust. And in that negative, I'll make it positive. Trust me. I need to point out something fundamental. Different people will have their own experiences and "emotional baggage" or psychological scars that they bring into a situation. Someone that has been hurt and betrayed often and/or deeply will be less likely to be trusting. For instance, I am very suspicious of people at the top of The Organization because of harsh experiences that I've had. (I'm also suspicious of that guy hanging around outside, wearing the dark glasses and a long coat, but never mind about that now.) The opposite is true as well, that if someone has had successful experiences with trust will be more willing to trust again. When someone wants to be trusted, they can be in for a disappointment when that trust is not forthcoming. You can demand trust a