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No Worth to Atheists

This was originally published in June, 2013. I think. For some reason, I unpublished it ("revert to draft"), but it did not keep the original date. Much of it is the way it appeared then, but there are some funky things happening with text size and spacing, but I think I settled them down. The second paragraph was added in August 2016. Also, the file size of the image is much larger than I prefer to use (284 kb). Not only does hate make people stupid, but the anger in atheism is related to mental issues . I've said these things for years, and keep getting more evidence. Although I shouldn't give those who crave attention that they desire to bolster their egos, Haywire the Stalker has been making a fool of himself for years with defamation and blatant untruths. In a recent rant about my stupidity, dishonesty, and denying what he considers "facts" in his incoherent worldview, (h e focuses mainly on my introductions to linked articles and splits hairs to m

The Bible and the Flat Earth

This post has been substantial revisions with additional information about the alleged flat Earth. Every once in a while, Christians and creationists have to deal with comments by owlhoots along the lines of, "You st00pid dumb Xtians believe in a flat Earth." Not hardly! While atheists and other mockers spread this lie (and in my opinion, many know that it's untrue, but do it anyway for the sake of being obstreperous), a bit of research shows that the "Christians believe in a flat Earth" myth is actually a recent invention ; Christians didn't believe it throughout history, and most people of antiquity knew the world was round as well. Image credit: Pixabay / Vicki Nunn Some may say, "Yeah, but the Hebrew word means 'disc', so it's said to be flat and round like a shield". Of course, such complaints usually come from atheopath sites that indulge in quote mining, and not from people who know ancient Hebrew — it would help if peo