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It's Not My Fault!

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Writer, speaker, professional truth sayer, and alpaca groomer Matt Walsh has some strong, well-worded articles on The Blaze. They are mainly politically oriented, but he makes some spiritual points as well, such as this article contrasting Joel Osteen's bad theology with atheism . (Ever notice that atheists don't organize protest against Osteen's organization?) By the way, if Mr. Walsh was more in tune with presuppositional apologetics and how atheists, liberals, evolutionists, cultists and others argue from their presuppositions like Christians do, he'd be even more dangerous to the left. Anyway. On his August 16, 2016 podcast, " To Save America, It's Time We All Take Responsibility For Our Own Lives ", he referred to a Facebook post that he made about the Black Live Matter thugs that rioted in Milwaukee on August 13 . Apparently, people got so riled they wanted to invite him to a necktie party — literally. He said he recei