August 20, 2016

It's Not My Fault!

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Writer, speaker, professional truth sayer, and alpaca groomer Matt Walsh has some strong, well-worded articles on The Blaze. They are mainly politically oriented, but he makes some spiritual points as well, such as this article contrasting Joel Osteen's bad theology with atheism. (Ever notice that atheists don't organize protest against Osteen's organization?) By the way, if Mr. Walsh was more in tune with presuppositional apologetics and how atheists, liberals, evolutionists, cultists and others argue from their presuppositions like Christians do, he'd be even more dangerous to the left.


On his August 16, 2016 podcast, "To Save America, It's Time We All Take Responsibility For Our Own Lives", he referred to a Facebook post that he made about the Black Live Matter thugs that rioted in Milwaukee on August 13. Apparently, people got so riled they wanted to invite him to a necktie party — literally. He said he received more death threats than usual. Essentially, his "crime" was saying that people need to be responsible for their own actions. What a novel concept!

Matt Walsh wrote post and also made a podcast about how people need to take responsibility for their actions. I ran with it, taking atheists to task for blaming Christians for atheism.

But no, people want to blame others, including The System®. What's ironic is that the liberals who blame the system are the system, and it is run by liberals. Sorta like the old days of hippie freaks who were rebelling against "the establishment" by remaining jobless, having promiscuous sex and using drugs — like today's leftists. The system — the establishment — is the liberal power structure that Americans (and in other places on this planet) have to deal with.

Now I've got the bit in my teeth and I'm going to run in a direction that Mr. Walsh didn't have in mind.

On several occasions, I've seen atheists complaining about Christians, that our actions are the cause of them becoming atheists. Bovine biscuits. That's just plain stupid. That's right, I said it! They choose atheism for several reasons: rebellion against God, rejection of the authority of his Word, autism, desire for attention, and more. When we stand up to bullies, point out logical fallacies, present the truth of the gospel, present evidence refuting evolution and affirming creation, they get meaner than a burlap sack full of rattlesnakes. 

On a side note, I read where someone became an atheist after reading the science fiction short story by Arthur C. Clarke called "The Star". In that, remnants of a civilization on a distant planet that had gone nova were found, and this star was the Star of Bethlehem in the Bible. And that jasper used it as a "reason" to become an atheist! Whose fault is it? Arthur C. Clarke? The publisher? Maybe the story itself? No, the guy grabbed a convenient excuse for what was already in his wicked heart.

Something that gets annoying is when well-meaning Christians have an attitude along the lines of, "Don't speak sternly to the professing atheist. He'll reject God forever, and it'll be all your fault!" That'll be the day. These people do not know the nature of atheists and seem to lack knowledge of certain parts of the Bible (Romans 1:18-23, Jeremiah 17:9, John 8:44, Romans 3:11, Psalm 10:4, and others). 

But what really sets my prairie schooner ablaze is how they belong to the wimpy Jesus cult. You know the guy: usually Caucasian, longish hair, beard, never said anything harsh to anyone, big fan of group hugs... That's not the Jesus of the Bible, that concept is an idol that people have made up so they can worship and discuss him.

I went off on a side trail for a bit, but I'm back now.

Too many people are looking to blame others for their choices. I'll allow that other people can influence our choices, but ultimately, the choices we make belong to us. Someone who claims to be an atheist wants to reject God? Nobody's fault — nobody's choice — but his.


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