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Darwinists Hating Trump over Ban on Fetal Tissue

The secular science industry has been riding for the leftist brand, and they are galloping faster toward the precipice. They have been promoting leftist causes at an increasing rate . Leftists have been having tantrums about the election of Donald Trump, and even had a failed "March for Science" , (which was an early indication of just how far left the secular science establishment has been going).  Some Conservatives have been pleasantly surprised by Trump. Not only because Hillary Clinton will never be president of the United States, ever, but because Trump has actually been keeping some promises. This includes steps toward protecting unborn children, which includes canceling a contract between the government and a fetal tissue lab. Credit: / Stuart Miles Ethically-impaired leftists in the secular science industry want to continue to do research on aborted babies. After all, they're already dead, so who are they hurting? Sure, those sidewin