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No True Atheist Doubts Atheism!

Atheism is in trouble. It is on the decline globally 1 , 2 , they are the least-liked, least trusted group 3 (but their status may have improved slightly since the surveys were taken), and they humiliate themselves and even other atheists with their antics 4 . Some will whine, "We're persecuted!" Seldom true. "You hate me because I'm an atheist!" Also seldom true, but you identify with anti-Christian bigots 5 , and that doesn't help you. Courtesy of Kirk Hastings , used with permission In addition, the idea of a universe that caused itself is philosophically and scientifically untenable 6 , and they hate that fact. One thing that militant atheopaths cannot tolerate is a defector, whether it is someone who leaves their religion 7 , or dares to question materialism since most rely on that. Materialistic evolution is also a tenet of fundamentalist atheism 8 . I've noticed that they seem to attack former atheists with amazing vitriol, a