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Science Shows the Differences Between Men and Women

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen Some people refer to those of us who reject fish-to-fool evolution or the current version of anthropogenic climate change as "science deniers", "anti-science", and similar labels. Such claims are clearly blatant lies utilized to elicit emotional reactions for the sake of demonizing their opponents.  It is not uncommon for advocates of evolution and climate change to misrepresent those they perceive of as enemies , even lying all the more in their straw man "arguments". Part of the problem is the all-or-nothing argumentation; we state that we appreciate real science, but they portray us as if we reject all  science. You savvy? When it comes to differences between men and women, there are indeed science deniers. No, not all of science, but that which is applicable to their gender activism. The Happy Lovers ,  Gustave Courbet, 1844 I have written about the differences between males and females (and how science confirms what t