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Video: Intelligent Atheists?

I just wish he hadn't said "Christian scientist". That's a crackpot cult. "Scientist who is a Christian" would have been better. Still, this almost-three-minute video is worth watching.

Strange Searches — Atheist Coloring Book

As a review: "Strange Searches" is my term for those things that show up in my site thingie. It shows how someone got to the site, and what search terms they used (if any), and their search engine. Sometimes people just use key words that resemble an actual sentence but seem funny to read, other times, people really do search for something that I consider strange. And sometimes, people want me to see what they put together so they can get their prank on the page, but that trick usually fails. Here is something that made me wonder. I'll let you do some imagining:

Chick-fil-A, the Gaystapo and Bandwagon Convictions

This is circulating on Facebook A while back, I wrote an article on what I called "Bandwagon Convictions". I call them that because people jump on the bandwagon because something is trendy or popular. People would become atheists because of the shock value and the ability to get attention, not from actually reasoning to their position. (But the religion of atheism is on the slide , and intelligent people are more likely to be apathetic or contemptuous of such an admission.) In addition to jumping on a causal bandwagon for attention, people join causes because of emotion, a good sales pitch, a desire to please the current lover, to shut someone up or assorted other insincere reasons. Then (as is the case with atheism), people lose interest and start finding other things to do. I believe that there are two aspect to the so-called "gay rights" campaign. One is that "joiners" go along with this because they want to support a cause. Although homosexuals

Can Atheists and Evolutionists Be Good American Citizens?

I suppose it depends on someone's loyalties. Atheist evolutionists do not recognize the Creator as the one who gives rights. The atheistic religion of Secular Humanism has evolution as one of its tenets. Evolution is a religion and it is not science (like we've been telling you). In fact, evolution is a faith-based religion, despite science! People were worried about John F. Kennedy being elected president because he was Roman Catholic, and his loyalty would be to the Pope. Now they're pulling the same stunt about Mitt Romney's Mormon religion. What about the evolutionist? I would be much more concerned with the freedom of Christians if there was an admitted atheist in the Presidency, since there is no God to them, and they are Statists. The “myth of evolution” is the most seditious of all attacks being made upon the foundational core principles of our Constitutional Republic. If one accepts the belief that evolution is fact, one must - then and there - surrender and

Evolution is Fiction — Here's Proof

Found image circulating on Facebook This picture has been circulating for a little while, and I had to show it anyway. Here you go, proof that evolution is fiction: Barnes and Noble said so! There are many reasons to dismiss the "proof" claim, including employee error, staged picture, prank, someone just shoved it there or whatever. And yet, when it comes to finding excuses to disbelieve in creation science and in the existence of God, people use "proof" that is even less reliable than this picture! Anyway, it's misclassified. Darwin's writings belong in the religion section .

Video: Using Evolution's Definitions to Prove Intelligent Design

It is painfully obvious that reporting to prove evolution is biased. Information is cherry-picked so that inconvenient facts that do not fit into evolutionary presuppositions are discarded. Alternative explanations and theories about observable facts are suppressed. Equivocation on word definitions and other attempts at "moving the goalposts" are rampant, as are other logical fallacies. Worse, evolutionists are downright disingenuous when it comes to protecting their faith. This short video uses evolutionary terminology (from one of the evolutionists' biased sources) to support Intelligent Design.