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Parts of the Problem

Edited for clarity 7-20-2011 Buona sera. Does it bother you when someone points out problems but does not offer any solutions? Then prepare to be annoyed because I have no great answers. If, however, you want to compare notes and possibly say, "Yeah! I see that, too!", then you're in the right place. After pondering information from several sources, making mental notes and simply making observations, I am seeing some of the reasons why unbelievers have problems with Christians, and Christianity. Some of it is the fault of the unbeliever, and the believers are not helping matters. First, problems on the part of the unbelievers. Preconceptions. We all have them, don't deny it. If you use a word, it has certain connotations for some people. For instance, if you hear or read the word "church", what image pops into your head? If you have experiences, you may remember smells, sounds, images — and emotions. I think the best way to deal with p

Epilogue: Someone Left the Doors Unlocked

"Atheism is so senseless and odious to mankind that it never had many professors" — Isaac Newton Buona sera. I said that I was not going to do another in this " Atheism Causes Brain Damage " series, and I'm not. This is just a short wrap-up. The first candidate to wander out of the asylum is the most colorful — as well as the most profane, and the most vocal. That would be Alex Botten. His passion for irrationally hating all things Christian is almost breathtaking. He did not learn his lesson from before about trying to make me defend things I did not say, and he's trying a similar stunt again . [ Oops, after I reported his activities and gave supporting links, he made that Weblog unavailable. More than a coincidence? Makes me think he's got something to hide — like the truth. ] Hateful little beast , incapable of rational thought. No thanks, I've got better things to do. S econd, we have Paul Baird. Frankly, he baffles me. Paulie can

Atheism Leads to Brain Damage - Continued 3

Buona sera. I think I'm done. This is being written a few days ahead of time, so something else may come up to write about in the series. Nah. This will be too boring, so if something comes along that is actually interesting, I'll write about it later. Edit: Some of the remarks may appear baffling because I have now turned off subsequent comments entirely. I have a pet troll who is either demon possessed or insane (possibly both). You may recall that back in November, 2010, I tagged him with the name "Norman" . Of course, he is also a "type", because there are other "Normans" around who insist that almost everything a Christian says is a lie. He has been browbeating me to give him some attention. I have been the subject of, I think, twenty of his boring personal attacks in less than a year. He has made the remark that he is trying to improve or help me. When you see this material, you'll scoff at the concept that this hateful beast w

Atheism Leads to Brain Damage - Continued 1

Edited for wording. Buona sera. This article has been churning in the back of my brilliant mind for quite some time. It was going to be about two "special" atheists and their astonishing lack of thinking skills, but a third has joined their ranks. Since I indulged in some speculation and dared to ask if atheism leads to brain damage because of spiritual depravity, I have had plenty of supporting evidence. It is indeed unfortunate that I cannot take the time to spell it all out. By the way, I know that I have plenty of haters out there. It's all part of the job. Edit: Some of the links to the first atheopath's site are no longer good. Looks like he has something to hide. Two of these are Brits, the third is an American. I've noticed that there are very few atheists who are Conservative. For the most part, they take a leftist viewpoint and oppose almost anything for which a Conservative stands. (If something is from a Christian Conservative, watch o