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Scientism, a Religion of Atheism

Buon giorno. Don't let atheists tell you that they do not have a religion. Although atheism itself is a religion in its own right , "science" has practically become an object of worship. Atheists are especially fond of science when they conflate it with evolution so they can get out of the problem of where life came from and how it allegedly evolved on the Earth. But regular observable science is one thing, and historical science is quite something else, capice? Those of us who do not believe that the facts support evolution do not "hate science"; that accusation is sneaky and disingenous. It also shows the lack of logic in the accuser's thought processes. I’m getting some hits regarding scientism but don’t actually have any posts dedicated to it.  I thought if I’m going to be looked at on the subject I should make at least a few deliberate comments.  They should not be construed, however, as exhaustive.  Scientism can refer to a few differe

Minority Rules!

Buon giorno . It's time for another rant. Some people miss my rants. This one outta hold ya for a while! I don't get it. This Constitutional  Representative Republic were I live called the United States is getting weird. On one hand, we have people wanting total democracy. "Majority rule" is mob rule. Do not want. On the other hand, what we are supposed  to be living with is great, and it works. Or it used to. Special-interest groups spoil things for everybody. We have atheo-fascists like the " Freedom from Religion Foundation ", " Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers" ("freethinkers", that's a laugh based on a genetic fallacy)  and similar weasels protesting practically everything in public life that even resembles and "endorsement of religion". United States Marines put up a cross to honor the fallen. Losers have to protest it . Makes me believe we're devolving into lower life forms, capice? Want to o

Hail Samhain?

Buon giorno. It's time for a spot of fun. I'm going to speculate and play with words. "What's with the Samhain, boss? We're nowhere near Halloween." Because it's not actually a Halloween post, Ernie. Hey, where's Nicky? "Him and Lela went to see that guy about that thing you told them to." Oh, right. Annotated screenshot of a Google map. Click for larger. Quite a few people don't know that "Samhain" is not the name of the guy in the billiards parlor. It's an important occultists' holiday (witches, druids, Satanists and that sort of thing), and is most commonly pronounced SOW-en. Here, pig pig pig! Another pronunciation is so (long "O", as in "So what?") -WEEN. Best wishes with those. The city in the map is Halesowen. It also has an odd pronunciation, sounds like " Hail Zowen ". Blending the Celtic pronunciations on Samhain to get SO-wen, and you can get "Hail, Samhain"