December 21, 2011

More Atheist Intolerance

Buon giorno. Normally, I save this atheist stuff for the weekends, but I plan on being busy.

Whaddya think? Should I just drop the atheist stuff next year? On one hand, they're boring and predictable with their absence of critical thinking. On the other hand, I get amazed at the lack of reasoning ability and the vituperative hate.

Let's start with a self-appointed atheist Thought Police officer. He kept badgering me about being a Christian and a creationist, but kept refusing to answer my question as to why it mattered to him what I believe. Finally, I got an answer:
No link, the original was deleted.

Isn't that precious? He cares because he thinks that "religious" people will do stupid things.

He's committing the Fallacy of Composition. Yeah, gotta watch out for those "religious" types, can't have the Amish crashing their buggies into crowded bus stations or something. And we can't have "religious" people building schools and hospitals, or ministering to the poor — you know, those things that you don't see atheist groups doing.

I really have to add this, but I don't have time right now to fully discuss their double standards:

One of the problems I have with modern Internet atheists is that they use their "reason" and "logic" by (to use the technical term) making stuff up. The other "big thing" they do is another fallacy, wishfully thinking that if they assert something, it will magically become true. Norman the Paranoid Troll was great at these, he was full of accusations and hate in his rambling, nonsensical "writings". Norman is right because he said so! He did not document things correctly (the few times he documented anything), and was guilty of libel and defamation. Yes, I've documented it. Don't want to be like those other people and leave it undocumented, capice?

Many atheists have been guilty of libel, slander, illegally recording calls and more, but I digress.

My old pal Matt Slick of CARM (ask him about me, he'll say, "Oh, him!") was doing hate mail. He "amps it up" for those times (usually on Fridays) and indulges in silly voices and rants. This one was good (and very similar to material I have received, almost verbatim in some places), showing atheist intolerance, smugness, arrogance, presuppositions, anger, hate and fallacies. Count 'em.

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