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The King of America

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen "We recognize no Sovereign but God and no King but Jesus." — John Hancock & John Adams I really hate to break this to you, but America was founded upon Christian principles. OK, I'm messing with you; I do not hate to break it to you! Image source: US National Weather Service One aspect of the "progressive" agenda in its quest to eradicate religion from life is to rewrite history. They attempt to minimize the words of the founding fathers in several ways: They claim that statements attributed to the founders were taken out of context They claim that the founders were "Deists", as if to minimize (or neutralize) their remarks They claim that if the founders really did say those things, they were afraid of being ostracized (what a joke to anyone who knows anything about the character of these men) They claim that the quotes were never really said at all "I conceive we cannot better express ourselve

Just Five More Minutes

Hebrews 10.31 For a long time, I have been attempting to get unbelievers to give God's message a fair hearing. Naturally, I meet with considerable resistance. "Why do they resist you, Uncle Bob?" Blind, unreasoning hate. Although some will say that it is personal, that they hate me because I'm a bad guy, it's really because I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ (John 15.18-19). Because of this, nothing I say on any subject has value in their eyes. I might feel badly if I cared about their opinions of me, but they are not the one I want to please (Galatians 1.10). Pride (James 4.6). They think that they do not need God or his Word, that they are sufficient in and of themselves. Actually, it is idolatry, because they make themselves as little godlings, and worship themselves. Who wants to admit that they're a miserable sinner? I don't like it, but I admit that I'm a miserable sinner, saved by the grace of God. He didn't have to do it, you know.

Atheists Will NEVER Learn


You Just Can't See It

Buon giorno. I have read many discussions where people will attack the "believer's" position because it involves faith, the soul or spirit of man, and deeper meanings of the Bible. I will not attempt to explain faith, having read books about it and being unwilling to write one here and now. Nor will I attempt to define soul or spirit, especially since philosophers and theologians have been hashing it out for centuries. What I will do is state that if something does not fit into naturalistic and materialistic philosophies of science, that does not mean that those things do not exist. But I will go after the question of the deeper meanings of the Bible. Essentially, "Sorry, Salvatore. You are unable to understand them." Now, come on, get off your high horsie, Pilgrim. I am not being insulting. It is a statement of fact according to God. Work with me here so you can understand this point of view. When someone actually belongs to God and has a personal r