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Arrogant Atheists Again

The militant atheist wants nothing more than to spoil the believer's spiritual journey. That's both meanspirited and radically unenlightened. — S.E. Cupp Buona sera. It's late, I'm tired and going to make this fast and dirty. A buddy from far away send me this link to an article by atheist S.E. Cupp on the arrogance of atheists. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share it.

Harsh Realities about Abortion

There are some intense images and strong pro-life feelings here , and I hope my pro-life friends will take a look and join the discussion in the comments area. Warning: Link goes to graphic images. Brace yourselves! I agree with the author, Rhomphaia (sometimes I call her Miss Sword) that these are not just an appeal for an emotional response, but rather, are evidence . This is worth getting into, especially since B. Hussein Obama has had his EEOC nominee confirmed , a pro- death abortion activist. Comments on this post are disabled. I'm trying to encourage you to go to that first link.

Evil God of the Old Testament

Buona sera. My father was a pastor. He was not very fond of enthusiastic people forming Bible study groups without some form of leadership or guidance. His response was, "A pooling of ignorance". I saw later that it was true to some extent. When you have people sharing thoughts but nobody has studied the subject or had a study guide, people can arrive at completely wrong ideas through a type of democratic process. (I am not advocating the other extreme, that you cannot understand anything without approved leadership, otherwise we should all become Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses and be told what to think.) Some degree of knowledgeable leadership can help. The same pooling of ignorance happens in atheist circles. Recently, I have been reminded of the "Old Testament God is evil" mindset. How did they get their ideas? Certainly not through researching or consulting experts, which would be imperative with such a serious claim. Referring to Richard "Daffy&

Does Atheism Cause Brain Damage?

For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools... Therefore God gave them over... — Paul the Apostle Buon giorno. I hope you had a splendid Christmas. As I had hoped (and promised later, in some instances) the CARM radio show podcast of "Faith and Reason" was released . My discussion with Rev. Matt Slick is below. We discussed if the moral deterioration of blasphemous atheists also leads to brain damage. Also, we talked about Norman (my pet troll), how modern Internet atheists are similar to Muslims, how they are vitriolic and conniving, dishonest, obstreperous, irrational, about Christians being "haters", and more. The talk (well, he talked and I listened, mostly) is about eight minutes long. If you read Romans chapter 1, count the number of times that it says, "God gave them over&

Hurting at Christmas

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing?  And none of them doth light on the ground, without your father...  Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. — Matthew 10.29, 31 Tyndale/Coverdale Bible (Modern Spelling) This should prove to be one of the more unusual approaches to a "Christmas article" that you have read, I'll wager. It will have some pretty raw honesty, and I earnestly hope you'll stay with me. There have been several teachings I have come across lately that remind us not to forget that the reason for the humble birth in the manger of Bethlehem was the cross at Calvary. I would like to go further and remind us of the glorious end of it all. The attached video by Petra as excellent lyrics (reproduced below the video). Written while the fear of global nuclear war was still strong, it is emphasizing a point that is as relevant now as it was then: God is in control. He has plans (Revelation 21.1-8), and humans are not going to thwart

A Few More Persecutions

Buon girono. As much as I dislike interrupting your Christmas festivities, I want to lay out some timely information (cause in part by listening to Crosstalk America ). My Christian readers should be made aware of what is happening in the world; we should be informed, lean to deal with situations as well as pray about them. Unbelieving readers... well, I take a bit of  pleasure in showing you that, despite your desire to dismiss and disbelive these things, they are still happening nonetheless. First, Dr. Gaskell is suing the University of Kentucky because he claims that his faith cost him a job. (You'll be surprised that my reference is the New York Times, even they seem to think that the story has merit.) Do you want to scream, "Separation of church and state"? OK. Here is the state making it a point to suppress religious expression. The Federal Reserve ordered a bank in Oklahoma to take down crosses, Bible verses and Christmas buttons. From the "Don't Me

March of the Gaystapo

Edited for clarity Here is an edited version of a letter I received from a homosexual man: I know you've done some stuff on this recently, and I know this goes on around the world far more than most people would admit. But can you believe this one? I find it difficult to get my head around this in a country with one of the longest Christian traditions. If lefties are looking for oppressed people to defend, Christians should be at the top of the list these days. And I absolutely despise the type of "activists" quoted in this story. No wonder so many people think of gay people as abnormal when virtually all of the "spokespersons" spout this loony PC crap. Damn it I hate it! ... But this bigotry against committed Christians is just too damn much . And the excuses, good grief! "If she goes to church every Sunday, it may impact on the amount of child care she can give." Idiotic. They sound like a loving family, yet they're painted as

Revisiting a Classic

Credit: Freeimages / c-unie Edited 7-19-2017 Buon giorno. I was thinking about neurotic people on the Internet like my pet troll, Norman. (He's the one that claims almost everything I say is a lie, cannot learn from others, is always right and has tantrums when he humiliates himself or is proven wrong.) So, people like that want to mess with me, and I like to use absurdity to illustrate absurdity (to misquote Rush Limbaugh). I am a follower of Jesus. But I do not go for the modern churchianity version of Jesus or their image of Christians being peace, love and grooviness with sappy smiles and letting people constantly kick us around. (Some atheists have that concept of Christians, too.) When people act up in my presence online, they may very well get shown that their attacks, lies, abuse of logic &c. are not fooling anyone. When I call them on it, they get angry. When some called out this loser, he lost last vestiges of his mind . Here is an internet classic. Some of

Persecution Question

Here is some interesting timing. I did my last article about the persecution of Christians in the US military, which was a sort of follow-up to this one . I received an interesting comment on that earlier post from Whateverman (hope you don't mind your name in lights, so to speak): By all accounts, Christians outnumber other religious demographics in the US. If you're right, and anti-Christian discrimination gets less coverage than that of other groups, wouldn't you think this is at least part of the reason? It's difficult to cry "discrimination!" (and I'm not accusing you of doing so here) when the discriminated group is in the majority. My response was to the effect that it's not just people who claim to be Christians that receive discrimination or forms of persecution, but those who actively live like followers of Jesus. An interesting coincidence, later today, Ray Comfort posted an article at Atheist Central that also addressed this topic

Persecution in the Military?

Yes, I am putting a question mark on the title of this one. I would like to hear from you about what I am about to relate. (If you are going to fire off anti-God or anti-Christian venom, you'll just be deleted.) I am especially interested in the opinions of military personnel, past and present. There was a story I heard about how "the armed forces confiscated the Bibles of soldiers in Afghanistan and burned them". I hate sensationalism, so I had to check it. There is an element of truth to this, but... In 2009, a soldier received Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages and, being evangelistically minded, was going to hand them out. Those are the Bibles that were confiscated and burned , even though the story I heard implied that the personal possessions of soldiers were taken away, and that is not the case. The reason these were taken away is that the US military did not want to give the impression that they were there to convert the Muslims.

Persecution Shuffle

Blessed are ye when men hate you, and thrust you out of their company, and rail on you, and abhor your name, as an evil thing, for the son of man's sake. Rejoice ye then, and be glad: for behold, your reward is great in heaven. After this manner their fathers entreated the prophets. (Luke 6:22-23, Tyndale-Coverdale Bible, modern spelling) Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus, must suffer persecutions. (2 Timothy 3.12, Tyndale-Coverdale Bible, modern spelling) Buon giorno. That's right, it's not easy to be a follower of Jesus. You want easy? Be a piece of deadwood and float with the current. Still waiting for input on text size and colors, gang. Subscribers are stuck, they get what the service sends them. Sorry. My subscribers, followers and regular readers know that I have been posting articles about the persecution of Christians. The instances to which I refer have been blatant "renounce Jesus" kinds of things, inclu

No Room for Evolutionary Doubters

Buon giorno. I thought I would share an article that I came across that supports my claim that there is no room for doubt when it comes to the religion of evolutionism . I was chasing leads (or "rabbit holes"): An update to a link led me to this article , where a scientist was fired because he did not believe in Papa Darwin's alleged theory. What happened to "follow where the evidence leads", as well as scientists being honest and objective? Ain't got no. Not when it threatens established orthodox evolutionism .  After all, evolution is the cornerstone of the atheist religion, and it cannot be questioned . Well, I have to amend that. It's all right to debate or question how it happened, but to have doubts that it happened in the first place. Ha! Pack your bags, Buford.

Double Sneakiness

Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it. — Gilbert K. Chesterton Buon giorno. No, my title is not talking about sneaky Basement Cat. Instead, I'm talking about a telephone call I received from an almost-victim. Fortunately, she made the right choices and did not get burned. She related her story to me so that I can sound yet another scam warning. And you know that I like exposing the scammers. This one reminds me of the XP Antivirus (and similar names) scams . That one gives you a fake pop-up, telling you that you have many viruses while it is scanning your computer. (The last time I saw this, they were using animated gif files to simulate scanning.) Often, the victim downloads the malware because they were tricked into it. In this case, the target receives a telephone call from someone claiming to represent Microsoft. The scammer (often reported to have an Indian accent) says that Microsoft has

Picking on the Cat

      OK, so the last one is a little off-color. Big deal, it's a cat . A cat that is on my bed! (Ironically, the book you can see at the top right of the picture is by Ray Comfort.) Basement Cat (also called "Pay Pay", but that is not my idea) likes to lay on her back, and is showing off after getting a haircut. Someone told me that laying on the back is a sign of trust, or contentment. I have lived with cats off and on for most of my life and never seen that behavior before this one came along. So many of my articles come from springboards in my daily experience. Several times, I have marveled at the responsibility that pet owners are accepting. This is a living thing , and it's life is in your hands. (If you drop a domesticated creature off in the wild, so help me ...) I had some rats for a while. Their lives were literally in my hands, and they were trusting me not to squeeze too hard or do some other unthinkable thing. "Gentleness" has been defined

Getting Into Some Trouble

Buona sera. I still plan on making a Weblog just for Christian material, for and about Christian concerns, but I can't wait. Yours truly managed to get himself into trouble on "Black Friday". A bit, anyway. I had decided that I had better take firm steps to practice what I preach. One thing that I preach is that Christians are woefully lacking in their primary purpose, that of sharing the gospel. I have been in Ray Comfort's "School of Biblical Evangelism" for a while, and it has taught me a great deal. In addition, I have learned from his audio and video . I recommend that any real Christian check those out, as well this this , and then examine their own convictions about the final destiny of the lost, capice? So, about practicing what I preach. The Bible teaches that those who die without Christ are on their way to Hell. No Purgatory, no reincarnation, no second chance after death; eternity is settled. Jesus commanded Christians to spread the gospel

Almost Inconceivable

Yes, I do know what that word means. But anyway, I've been mulling over some comments by hardhearted people. One was at Atheist Central. I had made a comment about Christians being persecuted , tortured and murdered by the millions, and that it is still going on today. A loser said (paraphrasing), "Good, they deserve it because of all the wars they caused." Aside from being utterly and totally ridiculous (yes, and stupid, we did establish earlier that some people are, indeed, stupid), it was amazingly heartless. I should not be surprised at this atheist "morality", but still, the suffering and murder of innocent people should not be applauded. Another thing that grinds my gears is the way people excuse, ignore and basically brush off the persecution of Christians: Other people are persecuted too, it's not happening here &c. Oh, please! My purpose in my articles ( here and here ) was to raise awareness, especially for other Christians, of w

Stupid People

No, Nicky. I'm saying that you should go to The Organ Stop for pizza the next time you're in Mesa. The Wurlitzer organ is a classic — oh, company's here. Buon giorno. Stupid people get on my nerves. You too, huh? That's not surprising. But — what exactly are "stupid" people? We all know some people who do inexplicable things that a reasonable person would not say or do. "What did you do that for? That was stupid!" Some people seem to lack simple common sense. But quite often, it's not that cut and dried. Sometimes, there are reasons for what we consider "stupid" things. Uninformed. If someone did not know better, it is unfair to find fault with him. "I've never seen one of those before, and didn't know that it would do that. Sorry." Differences of opinion. You believe this is true, I believe that is true. Disagreement itself does not equal stupidity. Fatigue, stress, medications acting up, distraction

Hate Mail and Comments

Buona sera. Here is something that I am stealing outright. But it's OK, I'm doing it for my critics. Some of my hate mail (I include comments in this) is, frankly, lame. Yes, I have had a few that had a bit of life to them, and some imagination. Some have been dull, predictable and forged in the feeble minds corrupted by methamphetamine and the fungus on the walls of Mommie's basement. Others have been profane and obscene, so I simply delete them. Matt Slick of CARM to the rescue! He has created a form letter, a Pick-Your-Insult Page: Instead of cogent arguments refuting my alleged errors, the responses I usually get amount to nothing more than a barrage of abuses, accusations, and attacks on my character. This is all fine and dandy except that the various insults are often poorly written, not very logical, lack imagination, and are riddled with various grammatical and spelling errors. Sometimes I cringe as I read the diatribes penned in poor writing, so much so tha

Messin' with Kepler

Buona sera. Time for a silly little post after the serious stuff. Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) was a great astronomer, yes? He was also a Christian , and considered science as "thinking God's thoughts after him". That gets me to wondering about critics. No, not the ones who are paid to give their views on cinema, the arts, books or whatever. I mean the mouthy children who live to criticize others.  One "critic" in particular claims that his Weblog is "my thoughts". I suggest that perhaps he could take a cue from Kepler, make a rearrangement, can call it, "Thinking Bob's thoughts after him". Yes, yes I do think I'm funny! Arrivederci.