December 4, 2010

No Room for Evolutionary Doubters

Buon giorno. I thought I would share an article that I came across that supports my claim that there is no room for doubt when it comes to the religion of evolutionism. I was chasing leads (or "rabbit holes"): An update to a link led me to this article, where a scientist was fired because he did not believe in Papa Darwin's alleged theory. What happened to "follow where the evidence leads", as well as scientists being honest and objective? Ain't got no. Not when it threatens established orthodox evolutionism

After all, evolution is the cornerstone of the atheist religion, and it cannot be questioned. Well, I have to amend that. It's all right to debate or question how it happened, but to have doubts that it happened in the first place. Ha! Pack your bags, Buford.


Paul Baird said...

Hi Stormbringer - the news articles are three years old - what was the outcome ?

Oops , just found out, and the appeal.

Your OP was quite interesting and I hope you don't mind if I post an OP on my blog about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, I thought you forgot about me. Elsewhere, I left you a comment or two about '70s rock. You may want to do a search in this one with the words "Purple Sabbath Rainbow", I had fun with how members traded off in three groups.

Anyway, I can't stop you writing, but thanks for the courtesy call. It's part of the fun of free speech on the Internet, innit?

Anonymous said...

PS--One article about the guy came out yesterday or today, and that is what prompted this post. I was going to take the day off, and (as I said to someone else who was questioning my missing links) the article sort of spontaneously generated.

Paul Baird said...

One day - when the kids have left home - I shall go back to Knebworth, Donnington, Reading and Galstonbury.

Only five more years to wait.

Bob Sorensen said...

Sorry, I don't follow your last comment. I'm feeling bit thick today.

I'm compelled to tell you that, although you do not believe and may very well scoff and mock, I am concerned about your eternal destination. Please try to consider the evidence for God and the things that Miss Goose and I are attempting to communicate.

Paul Baird said...

Ok, they are all hard rock festival locations in England.

1979 - Knebworth (August)

1980 - Castle Donnington

August 16, 1980: First "Monsters Of Rock" Festival

* Rainbow
* Judas Priest
* Scorpions
* April Wine
* Saxon (recorded as Live at Donnington and Live at Donnington 1980)
* Riot
* Touch
Reading 1980

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