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Richard Dawkins Shows His Massive Intellect

Buon giorno. I am really at a loss as to why people consider Richard "Daffy" Dawkins a great thinker. In another post, I gave evidence that he is either uninformed (unlikely) or dishonest (likely) about the idea that atheists wouldn't destroy religious buildings [ 1 ]. People copy and paste quotes from Dawkins and the other so-called "New Atheists" (much easier than using brain cells) as if they were brilliant bits of philosophy. No, they are simply insulting diatribes, feeding on the existing biases of misotheistic sheep. They hear some insult, say, "Yeah! Yeah!", then repeat such nonsense. Here is Daffy being dodging an honest question and being rude to the questioner. Then, his response is discussed by someone who can actually think:

Will Discrimination Against Christians Increase in the USA?

Although some people deny the facts, the truth is, there is discrimination and persecution of Christians around the world. In some places, especially those run by atheist and Mohammedan regimes, it is severe. But even in the west, where civilization was built on Judeo-Christian principles, persecution is increasing. Will the European level of discrimination happen here? It very well could. We see it happening with anti-Christian organizations, the loud, detested minority, getting weasel activist judges to go against the wishes of the majority. Political correctness and "tolerance" are attempts at stifling free speech, after all. The news that the government of Great Britain is mounting a full-scale assault on Christians is not really surprising.  The left-wing in England, like their counterparts on the European continent, have long discriminated against Christians, while at the same time, in myriad ways, protected those of Muslim faith.  For much of his 3 years in

Atheism In Action

"I do not believe there is an atheist in the world who would would bulldoze Mecca - or Chartres, York Minster or Notre Dame, the Shwedagon, the temples of Kyoto or, of course, the Buddhas of Bamiyan." — Richard Dawkins  Buona sera. Atheists tell us that they want everyone to live together in peace, love and grooviness under the benevolent banner of "reason". Of course, it would be a dictatorship under their control, but nobody has anything to fear from intellectually superior and morally pure people, right? Wrong. If you believe that atheists are intellectually superior and morally pure after all I have shown you here, there's something seriously wrong with your thinking bone, capice? I put it to you that the above quote from Richard "Daffy" Dawkins is not a mistake, that he is not uninformed, but that he is lying. The easiest place to find examples of what atheists are like when they gain power is the former Soviet Union.

Atheism and Human Rights

It should come as no surprise that the individuals who abide by fundamentalist Christian and radical Islamic doctrines would be the first to cry out that they are being persecuted when their dangerous, damaging and disingenuous beliefs come under attack. Most of these people lack the maturity and intelligence to act in a socially acceptable manner. Many of them are sociopaths and quite a good number of them are psychopaths. All of them are clearly delusional. — Al Stefanelli Buon giorno. You would think that I would stop being amazed at the illogical, childish, vituperative attacks that militant atheists have against Christians. (To me, this indicates that they have the inner knowledge that we are right , Romans 1.19-22 ESV, and that burns.) They get exceptionally angry when their words and actions speak for themselves, showing the world the lack of character of many atheopaths. Not only do they detest having the truth told, but have conniption fits when the truth about them is de