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Atheism, Libel, Cowardice and (ir) RationalWiki

Most of the Internet atheists that I have encountered are big and bold about being "rational". But they are not content to believe that they are smarter than us st00pid dumb Xtians. No, they need to troll and attack people. (I fully believe that many do this because they are simply childish bullies attempting to bolster their egos.) For example, this gem appeared at " The Question Evolution Project ": This was a simple-minded attack, incorporating Bunches-o-Fallacies® and emotionalism, but no rational thought. They like to offer opinions based on titles, introductions and summaries, but usually ignore entire articles and supporting links. I have said before that I can see no valid reason for demonizing Christians (and especially creationists ). Such immature behavior not only helps illustrate the natural failings of the religion of atheism , but increases the negative public perception of atheists . Indeed, these irrational and emotion-driven atheists make