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It Is No Secret...

...those things you do... Ha! Bet you thought I was singing, "It Is No Secret What God Can Do", didn't you? Nope. Actually, I don't know that one after the first line. It's funny, several of my latest articles came about because of a sudden, late inspiration. I seldom get an inspiration to write on a Saturday morning, but something happened just before bedtime that gave me the idea to write this morning. (No, I'm not talking about that, get your head out of the gutter.) It is no secret what you do online. Well, for most people. I had a guy arguing with me on Twitter last night about an article I wrote. (Do you know how annoying it is to try to have a serious discussion on Twitter?) I have a service that tells me the basics of visits I get. I made the comment about the town he's in, and that he's using Firefox (my regular readers know that I like Firefox). He got nervous, or pretended to get nervous (I think this guy was setting me up, but I wil

Imagine - No Organized Atheism

I made this in response to attacks on religion (especially on Christianity) by militant atheist trolls. They do the lame thing of "religion is the cause of wars", etc. Oh, really, Skippy? If you did your homework instead of filling your mind with hate, you'd see that atheists are the greatest mass murderers in history! Institutionalized atheism incorporated into communism is a vicious lie, a political and moral failure every time. I did not have time and the room to put all of the atheist leaders in the picture . Amazing how "progressives" revere these losers. Click for full-size. Numbers of murders for which they are responsible (approximate): Mao — 70,000,000 Stalin — 23,000,000 Pol Pot — 1,700,000 Kim Il Sung — 1,600,000 Castro — 30,000 (keep in mind the size of Cuba) Need I continue? Didn't think so. Addendum: If this  annoys you, wait until you read " When Atheists Gain power "!  Also, atheists are competing to set

Your Ultimate Source

Addendum: For those who do not want the actual content of the site, but want to see whiny boy's comments, this article has some really great comments by another obstreperous, recalcitrant atheist . Comments on this Weblog have been disabled. Buona sera. I swiped this image from Dan's site, " Debunking Atheists ". I find some good images on my own now and then, but I really like that one. OK, enough of this jocularity. Uncle Bob is not feeling too playful today. Where do you get your morality? More than that, where do you get your integrity? Yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming. I've touched on the topic before, but it's been coming up lately, so I wanted to go into some detail. We have many sources. One atheist said that "morals are reasoned and mutually agreed up on in a society... believe we can see an evolutionary mandate for social cooperation and moral codes". (Sorry, Dude, I think that's horse pucky.) Other atheists have