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Expect Mostly Peaceful Post-Election Activities from Leftist Democrats

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen There was a scene in The Blues Brothers  movie where the band was playing rock music at a country bar. The people started throwing bottles and such because they were angry. When the band played appropriate music, the same activities commenced. You could not tell the difference between rage and joy. Same with the political left. Mostly made at Pablo Sure, people get a mite rambunctious when celebrating, but we've seen leftists acting up with any excuse. The mainstream media are controlled by sidewinders who actively suppress views that differ from leftist talking points. Indeed, back in 1977 Francis Shaeffer described what we see today [ 1 ]. If you search for material on how Joe Biden and other leftists are corrupt socialists, keep in mind that social(ist) media have saddled up to ride for the Biden brand [ 2 ] and mainstream news is demonstrably dishonest. This country was established to be a constitutional republic using a democratic process. It was never m