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Recorded Live for Your Listening Pleasure

Actually, it's not recorded live for anyone's pleasure. Rather, this is to instruct and inform. "What are you nattering on about, Cowboy Bob?" Some people want me to do podcasts. I'm not sure about that yet. I was on a radio show/podcast recently. We discussed atheism, logic, how atheism is fundamentally flawed in the logic department, stalkers, Christians, presenting the gospel message, worldviews, evolutionary presuppositions and more. Here is a link so you can listen and find out more . Here is a music video:

Richard Dawkins and Child Abuse

Circulating on Facebook It's probably time for me to point out again that I know jolly well that there are different kinds of atheists in the world. Some are the "live and let live" types: "You believe, I don't, we can talk about it, or not". I do not check to see if the cashier at Wal-Mart, the mail carrier, the server at the restaurant, the lady in the apartment across the hall or other people are atheists. Unless we're having a conversation about spiritual things. Then there's the aggressive angry atheist. These are the vicious ones that haunt the Internet and seek out Christians to attack. I doubt that they have jobs or lives; who would hire them or want to be around them? OK, so I've differentiated. It's the hateful atheists that I encounter the most. They tend to be disciples of Richard "Daffy" Dawkins and other purveyors of bigotry disguised as "reason". His sheeple heard Dawkins tell them to mock "reli

From the Irony Board

Wish I had thought of this! Found the picture in a group on Facebook, posted it at "The Question Evolution Project". One clever lad commented, "Nyerony". Ha! There are still some challenges for Bill "I'm not a scientist, I just play one on TV" Nye. Are you going to stand up to Georgia Purdom and take the debate challenge ? Second, can you give one invention, one piece of technology, that required its inventor to believe in evolution ?