September 18, 2018

The Secular Science Industry and Gender Confusion

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

It is indeed unfortunate that people have a love-hate relationship with the secular science industry. Because of numerous errors and even outright fraud, people are getting mighty suspicious about science. However, people also tend to look to scientists as our saviors, which is a horrendous mistake because scientists are human, and have the same vices as most other folks.

Secular science joins in with political movements, even at the point of denying science itself.
Background image before added text: Pixabay / Gordon Johnson
We have seen that the secular science industry is nowhere near impartial, and they ride for the leftist brand. This includes participating in leftist activism. As time goes on, these scientists are indulging in political correctness and supporting "gender dysphoria", which is a medically dangerous practice — as well as defying science and the God who created us.

The articles linked above have some valuable information, and perhaps carry some of the urgency of what is happening. By my reckoning, people who think gender and sex are something fluid and can be decided by how someone feels on a particular day — they are mentally ill. You need the proper medication to fit your sex, whether you "feel" like an XX or an XY is irrelevant. "I'm sorry, sir, but you have vaginal warts". If biology was a personality, it clearly wouldn't care what you think about male or female. 

Since people can get in trouble for using a pronoun that the "transgender" or other type of person does not prefer (even though it would be the right one), Mr. Gordons has a suggestion, here.

Earlier, I linked to this article on science and gender confusion. It came out within a few days of Dr. Albert Mohler's podcast, The Briefing. He goes into some detail on some of the things discussed in that article, and what it all means from a Christian worldview perspective. Dr. Mohler points out that some gender confusion in children may be linked to trendiness or peer pressure! (Imagine, those same clowns who consider themselves brilliant will eat laundry detergent "pods" and pay money to unscrupulous doctors for permanent bodily mutilation.)  The first two segments were "The transgender revolution: Could ‘gender dysphoria’ actually be fueled by social contagion?" and "When an academic controversy is not merely academic: The real life implications of a controversy over scientific research and transgender youth". I hope all y'all will give it a listen or read the transcript at the September 10, 2018 podcast.

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