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Election Results and Shredding the Constitution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen One of the benefits of the 2016 American presidential election is that we have seen just how poorly leftists react to results they don't like. We have professional sidewinders [ 1 ] rioting , other people protesting the clear results of the election , evidence of Democrat voter fraud is being made more obvious that usual [ 2 ], university students needing coddling [ 3 ], and more. Calls for a lost-cause recount are giving Donald Trump move votes [ 4 ], which gives me the impression that we may never know the final tally of the popular vote. Image credit: Freeimages / Kristen Price One of the bigger threats to our constitutional republic is efforts to abolish the Electoral College . This system ensures that the United States doesn't have mob rule , when the heavily-populated urban areas traditionally vote Democrat and the rest of the country would be told (to quote Remo), "That's the biz, sweetheart!" Hillary Clinton lost most of