December 7, 2016

Election Results and Shredding the Constitution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

One of the benefits of the 2016 American presidential election is that we have seen just how poorly leftists react to results they don't like. We have professional sidewinders [1] rioting, other people protesting the clear results of the election, evidence of Democrat voter fraud is being made more obvious that usual [2], university students needing coddling [3], and more. Calls for a lost-cause recount are giving Donald Trump move votes [4], which gives me the impression that we may never know the final tally of the popular vote.

There are cries by losing Democrats to abolish the Electoral College, and some officials say they'll go rogue. Do they want to shred the Constitution and have a banana republic?
Image credit: Freeimages / Kristen Price
One of the bigger threats to our constitutional republic is efforts to abolish the Electoral College. This system ensures that the United States doesn't have mob rule, when the heavily-populated urban areas traditionally vote Democrat and the rest of the country would be told (to quote Remo), "That's the biz, sweetheart!" Hillary Clinton lost most of the counties [5] [6], but that wouldn't matter if the election results were strictly by popular vote. No, we have the Electoral College in place with good reason [7] [8].

Those electors are chosen during the general election to cast their votes according to the wishes of the people [9] There are some in the Electoral College who plan to go rogue as "faithless electors", which would cause a constitutional crisis and bring our system of government to a screeching halt [10]. Not much chance of that happening, though. Interesting that some electors claim that they cannot, in good conscience, vote for Trump. One even said it would be "dishonoring to God" [11]. Listen, Skippy, you knew the possibilities when you signed on to ride for the brand. Could you honor God by voting for Hillary if the election went in her favor? Not hardly! Sounds mighty inconsistent to me.

Matteo Renzi resigned as the prime minister of Italy [12], which has had 63 governments in 70 years. Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, and we've had the same Constitution since 1789. So that's 45 administrations here, and Italy has had 63 governments in a much shorter time span. If we have rebels in the Electoral College, we will not only have a constitutional crisis, but mob rule and essentially be on the level of a banana republic: violence, devious tactics, and whining decide elections, not the process that has been working for so many years. No matter what, God has ultimate control, not any politician. 

In addition to the supporting links above, I'd like to strongly recommend that you listen to the podcast or read the transcript of Dr. Albert Mohler's "The Electoral College, Federalism, and the genius of America's Constitution".

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