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The "Prove It" Fallacy

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen It is not only very helpful to learn about informal logical fallacies, but can be fun. At least, they are for me. Prove it! Not only does this help you in discussions so you can see if some owlhoot is building an argument with faulty reasoning, but helps you check your own arguments so you can present present them as accurately as possible. Back up your assertions! The more I learn about fallacies, the more I see that not only can many of them get combined and overlap (a comment can a contain complex question, an ad hominem  and a genetic fallacy all at the same time, for example). Are you afraid to back up your claims, or just too stupid to cite something from a real source and not from creatard sites? More than that, I keep seeing additional "fallacies" that appear to be simply made up. Someone accused me of committing a fallacy because I pointed out his own fallacies, therefore, I was "negated" and he was free to continue buil