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Haunted Hospital, Gaslighting, or...

Here I am at Westchester Medical Center waiting for open heart surgery for a double or triple bypass in a couple of days. There was a strange sequence of events that got me here, I was originally expecting to have a short visit to the Urgent Care for a different problem. This is being written using an old cell phone, speech to text, and other technological wizardry. There is a small table on wheels just under 3 ft long for me to use. I did not notice before, it has a small drawer that is not very deep. I put some things in there that I wanted to be close to me. I needed something, went to look for it - and it was gone. Creepy hospital, Unsplash/ Andy Li Time to write off on a short but relevant side trail. The word gaslighting is overused nowadays, but it is still something real. When used correctly, the word involves psychological manipulation to make someone deny their perception of reality -  or even their own sanity. You can see that it is malicious, not just a mistake