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Atheists Attack 9/11 Cross

September 11, 2001 propelled vitriolic militant atheism into high gear. Anti-God books became best sellers and the so-called "new" atheism became profitable. People who already hated God pretended that he was not there (even though they know he exists, Romans 1.20-22) and used it as an excuse to attack "religion". In addition, this kind of atheism lead to the destruction of the faith of others who were not grounded in the Word, not knowing what or why they believed — an indictment on lethargic Christians who were not doing their jobs in proclaiming and presenting Christ (2 Peter 3.18, 1 Peter 3.15, 2 Cor. 10.5, Jude 1.3). Angry atheopaths seem unconcerned that they are the least-trusted group . Even though this version of atheism is on the slide (and accelerating) , their protesting and interfering in the free expression of religion for other people continue to become a stench. Case in point: Misotheists are protesting the "Ground Zero Cross" .