December 13, 2020

Living Under Divine Judgment

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This article contains raw emotion, but I hope that some of these thoughts will be useful. I also hope they will be interesting not just to Americans, but people in other Western countries. Supposedly every generation feels that the world is getting worse. Well, it is.

An article written while trying to climb out of despair. Raw emotion, but clinging to faith in God who upholds the universe, not in fallible man.
Credit: Pixabay /Enrique Meseguer
Readers should be informed that I am a Christian, politically Conservative, a biblical (young age) creationist, and believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. I'm not going to spend a great deal of time backing up everything I say because people seldom pay attention to those things anyway, and y'all can look things up your ownselves. But I'll document a few things. 

Leftists and Theological Liberals

It is no secret that political leftists, professing Christians who do not believe in the inerrancy of Scripture ("liberal" theology), and misotheists all ride for the same brand. They despise those of us who believe the Bible, and those of us who uphold recent creation and provide refutations of fish-to-fool evolutionism are the worst of the lot. The Democrat party has made its hatred of Judaism and biblical Christianity increasingly known in recent years.

The First Global Divine Judgment

It didn't take long after the Fall of man (Gen. 3:6-7) for sin and wickedness to begin to escalate. Cain's killing of Abel was the first murder, and things only got worse. The Genesis Flood was a global judgment on the wickedness of the day (Gen. 6:5-8). Evil among men was rampant, so God brought the מַבּוּל, mabbul, global Flood (this word is used in the Bible only in reference to the cataclysm).

Future Divine Judgments

People don't like to be told that God is the Creator and we're accountable to him, so biblical creation science is actively suppressed in the secular science industry — especially Flood geology. We learn throughout the Bible (especially in the New Testament) that wickedness shall increase, and people will be going about their business as they did in the time of Noah (Matt. 24:37-39). Then, despite warnings, the Flood swept them away.

People are being warned and told that they must humble themselves and repent before God. Jesus died on a cross for our sins and was bodily raised from the dead, covering the sins of all who place their faith in him. There was a past judgment, and there will be a final Judgment where everyone has to stand before Jesus and everyone will confess that Jesus is Lord — whether they like it or not (Phil 2:9-11). Between the Flood and the final Judgment, there have been judgments upon nations. This is not the kind of message that gets us invited to country clubs.

Past Prophets

When people discuss prophets, many focus on foretelling future events, but this was not their primary focus. They provided warnings and calls to repentance, and in many cases, it did not go well (Luke 11:49-51). Indeed, read the prophets of the Old Testament. Israel would appreciate God, then whore after idols and provoke him to wrath (a common theme in the book of Judges and other biblical books of history), and sometimes the cycle happened in front of the prophets.

I have been very frustrated because I strive to give glory to God and to help equip the saints so they can defend the gospel message — beginning from the very first verse. How can you edify lazy people who are not serious about the Word of God and show no interest in being informed? Indeed, when I post links on social(ist) media, there have been times when I posted the wrong link and people still clicked "Like". Maybe one time someone told me about an incorrect link!

No, I'm not comparing myself to one of the prophets. Something that struck home was in Ezekiel 2:7 and 3:16-21. God said to him that the people were unlikely to listen, but it was his responsibility to be obedient. It applies to me and to others who proclaim the truth. It is difficult for me when I seldom see results for my work.

Growing Apostasy

Like great wickedness grows over time, so does rejection of the authority of God's Word. When examining the history of deep-time beliefs and evolutionism, the church ceded science as well as respect for the Bible to materialistic views of science philosophies. Compromises grew, as did apostasy. We were told that there would be a great apostasy before the appearing of the Antichrist (2 Thess. 2:3), and I believe we're very close to those events.

While there are still pockets of resistance, mainstream churches are bastions of liberalism and apostasy. The church is the Bride of Christ, but like the ancient Israelites, she chases after idols of money, prestige, fame, acceptance, and a wagon train-full of compromises. Indeed, much of the church has left its first love (Rev. 2:4-5).

Increasing Persecution

Persecution has existed from the beginning of Christianity, and we were warned (Mark 4:17, Acts 11:19, Rom. 8:35, 2 Tim. 3:12). There are organized persecutions of God's people by Mohammedans, Hindus, atheist regimes, and more around the world. In Western countries, it is increasing. Preaching the gospel or reading the Bible aloud can get you thrown in jail, for example. Do not think that the violence will decrease.

It's been said that persecution weeds out the true Christians. Those who want their best life now and will listen to false teachers are unwilling to listen to solid teachings from the Word. Instead, they listen to cherry-picked verses out of context that help them feel good. Sure, Skippy, the Bible is all about you, and making you feel good. You can be sure that false Christians will be the first in line to take the Mark of the Beast and renounce the true God as revealed in the Bible. True Christians are faithful even to death.


A biblical principle is the noetic effects of sin. All have sinned (Rom. 3:23, 6:23), and sin touches every area of our lives. As I understand it, those in rebellion against God grow more ungodly and hateful (Rom. 1:17-32). I have seen people who seem reasonable, but when the subject turns to God and especially the refutation of evolutionism (which is a cornerstone of the religion of atheism), then they go nuts. Similarly, I've seen online nests of atheists who are so consumed with hate for God and God's people, they are living illustrations of the facts that not only is atheism incoherent, it affects the mind.

America: Bye Bye Babylon

While elections in the formerly United States have been tainted with cheating and fraud for decades, it has never been as pronounced as it was in November 2020. Despite documented proof of fraud, the election has been stolen. Federal courts allowed it. 

We prayed for God to have mercy because President Trump upholds religious liberty, opposes abortion, and is a friend to Israel. However, the USA has allowed and even encouraged the evils of abortion, transgenderism, returning to Marxism, homosexuality, euthanasia, and much more, we are going to get what this country deserves. The left hates Israel. Other countries that formerly respected God's Word are wallowing in their feculent sin.

How can it be that such people are not only holding power, but get continually re-elected? Because of those things I have mentioned before: sin, apostasy, rebellion against the authority of God's Word, approval of evil, and more. This has been escalating in recent years.

Further, I also believe it's greed. People vote for politicians because they believe the promises of getting free stuff, or at least that their lot in life will improve. Black people are, according to Democrats, too stupid to make anything of themselves, so continue to keep tax 'n' spend leftists in power and remain dependent. Greed, selfishness, and dependency are what made America great, right?

Some Democrats only want to win at all costs, and have their heads wedged where the sun doesn't shine. They only pay attention to the leftist media outlets, and many had voter's remorse when they learned of Lyin' Joe Biden's views (when he remembers them, or even his own name) and criminal allegations against him. Does anyone actually like him or Cram-a-lot Harris?

I have lost respect for Democrat voters. God forgive me for the contempt I have.

Republicans have accepted previous election results and have not been doing violence. It is the Democrats and other leftists have been violent. Although supporters of President Trump have wanted fair election results, leftists want us punished (see "Expect Mostly Peaceful Post-Election Activities from Leftist Democrats"). Listen to this vile sidewinder who is in a position of power:

That's criminal. Literally. But she's walking around free.

People are talking about secession, and it is very likely that there will be a civil war. There may yet be a miracle and God will delay judgment.

Republicans are not as pure as the driven snow. When they had authority and political power to make changes for the better, they squandered it. Country club Republicans should be slapped. Hard. If we are given a miracle and self-proclaimed Conservatives and Republicans foul up their opportunities, be assured that the trend toward a leftist one-party totalitarian system will continue.

My Confession

Over the years, I have struggled with depression. Y'all probably picked up on that when I was expressing my frustration with the apathy of professing Christians and creationists to my efforts and those of others at The Question Evolution Project (as well as shadowbans from Facebook leftists). In fact, I stated that I am ashamed to be an American and will never vote again. You have no idea how many strong profanities I had to resist putting in this article. 

Depression, personal failures, stolen election, living in a nation under divine judgment — I was in despair and actually prayed that God would end my life (and considered hastening the event myself). I can point out some atheists and evolutionists who would celebrate, and Christians might say, "Isn't that a shame, tsk tsk" and go back to sharing captioned pictures. I had to confess my lack of faith to God, the Creator of the universe who upholds all things (Heb. 1:3, Col 1:17, Gen. 1:1, John 1:1). I am ashamed of myself. My faith and trust are supposed to be in God, not in man. I did say that this had raw emotion...

Not a Bang but a Whimper?

It may very well be the end of America. Loss of freedoms, global government, all those things we saw in socialism and communism that people refused to learn will come upon us. This may be delayed. In fact, this article may be partially outdated. But I had to write it.

Let me leave you with links to some articles that helped improve my outlook, plus two music videos below. First, "Where Do We Go from Here?" by Ken Ham. In addition, I recommend, "Is This How It All Ends?" by Bill Muehlenberg. Finally, a bit of an unusual source: a reluctantly-written newsletter from J. Jackson of ApologetiX. You may have to embiggen your browser display, or use a browser function (or add-on) to make it easier to read. For that newsletter, click here. Now get portable electronic copies of your Bibles and hide them.

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