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Video — Dear Atheist, Let's Talk

The religion of atheism is irrational and fundamentally flawed. Although many who call themselves "atheists" claim to have rejected the existence of God through "reason", they have failed miserably, deceiving themselves and perhaps deceiving others. The irrational, unscientific worldview called "evolution" is a cornerstone of atheism. It gives their religion a veneer of intellectualism, and they refuse to acknowledge the multitudinous failings of evolutionary theories. They prefer to continually prop up the failed "science" of evolutionism for emotional comfort. Atheism is incoherent, lacking the necessary preconditions of human experience. There is no plan for the life of the atheist, since everything is an accident of nature. This also means that there is no foundation for morality (I can name atheists who will say and do anything because their "morality" is based only on their immediate desires, and they are useless for humanity

Dumping Posterous

Having second Weblogs on Posterous was a silly idea, I admit. Since this Weblog is a general purpose thing, I did not really need to use it. But I wanted to try it out. Posterous is a good idea that is poorly executed. You can upload MP3s and some other things and they make it accessible to everyone. The main problem is that they were down a great deal of the time. Another problem is that for having a Weblog like Blogger, Wordpress and others, fuggedaboudit. The concept was good for multimedia but I did not like it for trying to write something up. After they were bought out by Twitter, they became even more unreliable. One time, it took me almost a week to get a good connection to be able to edit one post. Worse, one of my Posterous Weblogs had content vanish! I sent them an e-mail, asking what was going on. No reply. After several days, I fully deleted the account. I know of one page that was there, it contained public screen shots of atheopaths showing how rotten they can be in t

Video: Are There Scientists Who Reject Evolution?

Now, I know that there are people who will go with redefinitions and a "No True Scientist" fallacy here, that true scientists accept evolutionism; anyone who rejects evolution must be an unedjamakated fundie. But that is obviously fallacious. It is also an attempt at poisoning the well and an appeal to ridicule. This short video will inform you of the truth.

Zack Kopplin, Useful Idiot for Evolution

Before you get your knickers in a twist about the use of the word "idiot" in the title, let me point out the historical setting. A "useful idiot" was a supporter of the Soviet Union in the West, and the Soviets  held them in contempt . They blindly followed fatally flawed ideology. Zack Kopplin is being used by atheistic evolutionism. Like Bill Nye, he is unclear on several concepts, including the difference between operational and historical science, the profound lack of importance of evolution to scientific development, and more. He has been deceived by fundamentalist atheist evolutionists and is adored by Richard Dawkins  and other proselytizers of atheism. The religious dogma of evolutionism cannot withstand scrutiny and it cannot tolerate competition. Many seek to punish doubters of evolution. (It must drive them batty that this date has been established as Question Evolution Day , huh?) Atheists and evolutionists are usually bigoted and intolerant of an

Atheist Research and Deception on Evolution Weekend

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen It must drive Michael Zimmerman and other misotheists around the bend that there are people who are not interested in his "Evolution Weekend" apostasy drive. F'rinstance, there are Bible-believing Christians who take a stand and proclaim " Creation Sunday " every year since 2006. There are also people involved in the grassroots " Question Evolution Day ", started by yours truly in 2012. It was inspired by the " Question Evolution! " campaign. One part of "Question Evolution Day" includes the use of the " 15 Questions for Evolutionists " presented by CMI . (I was honored that they liked my video and included it in their "15 Questions" page.) As I've said for a while now, hate stupidifies. (For the atheopath readers, that's stupid-i-fies, it makes people stupid.) Their emotions cloud their reasoning abilities. I am not a reader of the "Huffington Post", even t

Video: The Magic of Evolution

To be a consistent atheist, you cannot follow where the evidence leads. At least, not if you see that the evidence shows evolution is not science and that there is a Creator. No, even though the Creator is the rational conclusion, emotion and blind hate keep the irrational atheist from getting there. Instead, they have to believe in some magical things that defy reason. Things that lead them to the magical fairyland of evolution, and seething, bitter hatred for Bible believers and for  Question Evolution Day, February 12 . Edit: For those who claim that evolution is not concerned with the origin of life, and that such a thing is not even taught, that is the opposite of the truth. Here is one example .