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Gospel Eyewitnesses: More Evidence

Buon giorno. Normally, this material would be put up at "A Soldier for Jesus" as a reference point for Christians. This one has material that can be of interest for both sides of the fence, for Christians who want to strengthen their faith, and for skeptics who want to honestly examine evidence supporting the Gospels. Apologetics 315 posted this on Tuesday, May 26, 2011. They give so much good information, I feel armed and dangerous, capice? Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts In this talk provided by Lanier Theological Library, Dr. Peter J. Williams presents New Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts . As well as answering some common objections (by the likes of Bart Ehrman), Williams points out a number of lines of evidence that build a case for eyewitness accounts. (Includes some undesigned coincidences.) Check out the video (with powerpoint slides) on vimeo here . Or listen to the audio below. Featured at the excellent

A Bit More Persecution

Here's a dual entry: "Persecution" as well as "You Gotta Be Kidding Me!" departments. A Christian GP who discussed his faith with a patient is facing disciplinary action and could even lose his job. Dr Richard Scott, one of six Christian partners at Bethesda medical centre in Kent, says he has discussed his faith with patients “thousands of times”. But the General Medical Council claims that by talking about Christianity Dr Scott distressed one of his patients, and risked bringing the medical profession into disrepute. Read the rest of political correct discrimination gone mad here and here .

Free Speech Eroding for Christian Students

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."  — Lenin "Teacher sayin', Can’t be prayin', says it's against the rules. We're free today in the USA, but not here in my school." — Morgan Cryar, " Pray in the USA " Buona sera. If you are interested in my occasional links and such about the persecution of Christians, they will continue. After all, persecution, discrimination and so forth not only continues, but increases. The first leader of the Soviet Union knew the value of shaping a child's mind. The history of atheism and brainwashing by atheistic indoctrination in the USSR is well known, so I do not need to give you a history lesson now. Secularists, "Progressives", so-called humanists, atheists and cafones of that ilk have been working to undermine the Christian values and education in America for decades. I remember hearing a pastor in the small

Credit One: Read the Details

Buon giorno. You know I try to sound the alarm now and then. After all, I hate seeing people get ripped off, get viruses, scammed or whatever. This monstrosity came in the mail, and I'm going to show the world how cafones like this gang conduct business. Many people want to begin, improve or rebuild their credit rating, often after declaring bankruptcy. Sneaky people play on the hopes and sometimes desperation of people. This one is not the worst, it's just typical. In the picture (click for larger), you'll see that this company is "CreditOne". Their logo looks deceptively similar to CapitalOne , that's the first thing that bothered me. And you're "pre-approved" unless they decide you're no good after all. Well, even legitimate companies pull this trick, so I can't complain too loudly. By the way, I think the pretend credit card that companies attach is kind of insulting; we know what a credit card looks like, Leroy. There's

Christians Slaughtered in Nigeria

While many in Nigeria were still celebrating the victory of Christian presidential candidate Goodluck Jonathan, Christians in northern Nigeria were grieving over the mass graves that would be the final resting place of their loved ones. Shocking scene of carnage in Nigeria International Christian Concern (ICC) is reporting that in the Muslim north, Muslim mobs reacted to the news of Goodluck’s election on April 18th by launching massive simultaneous attacks against Christians in almost every northern state. The mobs massacred hundreds of Christians, torched more than 300 churches, and destroyed countless Christian homes. Read the rest of the article here .

Gagaville Updated

Not much to say here. I did a post on "Stormbringer's Auxiliary Thunder" showing the relentless push that Zynga is giving Farmville's "Gagaville" (which I call either Slutville or Gag-Me-Ville). The link to the picture post is here , and my previous complaint is here .  One reminder, in one way I really don't care. But in another way, they (Zynga) are hypocrites for not allowing children to see alcoholic beverages in Farmville (allegedly on principle), but then promoting an album by this sex fiend. Yeah, I know, I'll take heat from "enlightened" people and self-styled "intellectuals" for taking a stand on morality and values. Sucks, donut? Update to the update : This kind of stuff keeps coming to my Inbox — and I haven't been playing Farmville for weeks now. Do not want !